Monday, December 2, 2013

Where Did That Name Come From? ........................by Diane Ogden

The name Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden came from my family.  I was raised on a "funny farm."  You know, like the psychiatric floor at the local huge hospital.  Oh just kidding in case a fam member reads this and really believes it.  You can, but I would deny it to them.  (Like they don't know!) Back to Bob B.M.O.

My high school sweetheart was named Bob.
The love of my life was named  Bob.
One of my husbands was named Bob.
So that is why Bob is NOT named after any of them.
My best friends have a tiger cat named Bob Sullivan. That is who my Bob is named after.
When I decided to start a Bob blog for no particular reason except I am in need of creative outlets.....
Well, Bob just wasn't cutting it as a name for my blog.  So my mind went into immediate mojo and just said aloud,  Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden.  
Benjamin is my deceased Father's middle name.
Morrison is my Southern Maternal Granddaddy.
Ogden is a name I have kept because my children carry it also.  But I would love to lose it.  Considering the second husband named Ogden was a womanizer, a peter pan, and a job and residence hopper.  A no security brainer.   So I changed my  name when I write but otherwise I am stuck with the dang thing.
I probably should not have stuck Bob with any of those names, come to actually think about it.
I do numerology and Bob adds up to a 10 which equals a 1.  Yes Bob likes to be number 1 indeed.  At night he curls up next to my chest and Gracie dog who also likes to be number one hugs my back.  I cant move!  Not so sure I like this competition over my sleeping area.
This is not a "Cat Tale."   This is an informational tid bit. LOL Who cares...
More Cat Tales coming.