Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Whose the Boss!.....................................by Diane Ogden

Those black pants are mine sitting on my red leather desk chair.   Bob called "dibs" on my lap tonight.  Grace usually calls that her domain.  As you can see Grace was on her hind legs attempting to regain her throne upon my lap.  Bob reached out his paw to give her a gentle nudge which believe me is unusual.  His nudges are not always gentle.....young male kid that he is. 

Grace ended up retreating!!  Smart girl that she is.  Of course after Gracie's retreat Bob left his lap throne for other parts unknown.  He won!  Don't worry, Grace is back in my graces and in my lap. 

Bob still rules and he knows it. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Satan Bob in Waiting................................................by Diane Ogden

Need I say more?  Check out the past post where he destroyed what you are seeing here plus all my wrapping paraphernalia.....  I cant spell that, or maybe I can. 

Satan Bob is a master con.....  Notice below? He cuddles with me every night. 

Its really hard to take Bob selfies at 4 a.m.  but I keep trying....
He must have been born in May.  Gemini the twin.  He is as good as he is bad!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Personal Shredder Named Bob.....................................by Diane Ogden

So after the 35 jars of Grandma Tillie's Pfeffernut cookies were given out to each and every client and family member I used the table to wrap a few gifts.  Apparently I was busy elsewhere in the building when Bob had himself a party!  At one point I heard the tissue paper being torn and then a few other strange noises.  I found this in the morning!!  The little Bob elf had a party on the table.  It used to have a nice gold tablecloth, a red checked runner, place mats (on the chair under him and on the floor).  Tissue paper and wrapping articles. 

He doesn't appear to have an ounce of guilt now does he?  That's Bob.  He is quite sure he rules......
Or maybe he doesn't even care.  He just is.  Like God you know...God just is. Not that Bob is like God of course.  Rather that some things just are. 

More Cat Tales later......

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cookie Cat. Controls ......................................by Diane Ogden

Bob tends to feel he needs to control every situation in our home.  I did not wish to give my friends and family cookies with cat hair attached to the fabric tops.  So I covered them with that pretty tablecloth.  As you can see Bob controlled the new situation also.   That's my Bob!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

MyHuman Cat!..........................by Diane Ogden

He doesn't open doors or poop on the toilet or sit at the table.  Rather he seems to have an ability to do certain non animal things.  
                                           Bob reading his blog...............
For instance he curls up next to me at night like a child.  Places his paws on my face and wont move them unless I hold his paw.  So I hold his paw for hours every night!  He makes sure there is a place for him on my messy computer desk. 

Tonight I tried to pick him up and move him because he was rubbing on my touch screen screen  messing up everything I was working on.  When I went to pick him up he grabbed onto the bottom of the PC Screen and hung on both sides so I couldn't move him!  Say what??
There is more. 

I adore the little man and he adores me.  That's enough.
Oh, he cannot go out on the porch anymore.  For 8 years my cat Lucy went out on the porch not realizing she could jump over the railing.  (I put up a baby netting)  Bob went out on the porch for almost two years enjoying every Sunday sleeping out there in the sunshine...  Then one day he saw me taking Gracie dog out to podie..   He immediately jumped over to come with me and every since if I let him out he seeks freedom immediately.  Then I have to run out my door, down the hall, outside, find him and carry him back!  What a wonderful thing to have gotten ruined!  I should not have ever let him see me outside.  He's my little man and he goes where I go. 
I suspect he was an outside cat at one time.   I sure hate keeping him in.  But then, who would he sleep with if he lived outside. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lucy Lou found a very soft place to rest on top of my peach colored satin pillows.
And just as she got very cozy.......guess who decided to show her whose boss!

And guess who was hiding in the background!  (Gracie Allen Ogden)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Tummy Hurts.....................by Diane Ogden

All that work to get up to the Spider Plant for some tummy greens. 

Which leaves Lucy at total peace for a change.  No anxiety.  No pacing.  No licking.  I am so pleased she is resting.  No I did not give her a Xanax.....just kidding. Don't write me.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sneaking Up!..............................by Diane Ogden

Once again I will say Bob likes to play.  But no one else in the house has much interest in said activity.  Therefore he has to amuse himself which he does fairly well.  On occasion he swipes at Gracie and attacks Lucy.  Today I looked up from doing some writing and noticed Grace and Lucy sitting so peacefully in the new yellow rocker and the dining room chair I put next to it for little guests.  Camera Time!!
      Do notice the tail under Lucy's chair.  I think Bob believes he is sneaking up.....

       Do notice the head coming (sneaking) up behind Lucy's head who is still oblivious to the occurrence.

        Lucy has finally taken notice of the intruder.  Grace notsomuch. 
 All eyes on the sneaker.  Who still isn't sure he is safe. Nor is Gracie sure.  Mexican stand off is what I see.
                                      MADE IT!!!  WHEEWW!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

You Got My Mouse!...........................by Diane Ogden

Bob is the only rescue in the family that knows how to play.  Gracie does not play.  I have tried to teach her but no go.  Lucy plays laser and certain toys but is gun-shy. 

Bob loves his catnip mouse and his broken furry that fell off its stick.  Also likes rolling balls, stratch posts, toys that roll around and my jogging pant waist strings.  Ouch!

Today I noticed Gracie Allen Ogden sitting a top Bob's favorite catnip mouse.  (Grace loves catnip and steals it from the boy)  I was able to catch a Canon shot of Bob and Gracie facing off.

Gracie was smart enough to walk away from "The Cassius Clay Cat!"
You Win Bob! 
A few minutes earlier there was comradery .  A rare photo opportunity below.
Notice the cat scratcher behind my new yellow rocker!  And the dining room chair next to the cat scratcher and the new yellow rocking chair.  That is so they can sit next to me when I am relaxing with my lap top in my lap. 
They are good friends!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hairball - Food Mixing Day Again......................by Diane Ogden

Okay, so when it is mixing catfood day I bring out the big red bowl, the measuring cup to prevent the normal cat puecking whenever the food changes in the slightest.  Then all the bags are set up and out, then the old food bowls are emptied into the new mixture and the old bowls are soaked and sit in the sink for a while. 
Bob gets a bit OCD upset when his food bowl is moved or should I say REMOVED.   That being said he was "on it!"  The counter that is.... testing the new batch in the big red bowl. 
Otherwise, Bob has settled into being a normal loving cat except to Lucy Lou the other cat in the house.  He is pretty rough on her!  Bites her neck too.  Gets her down, gets on top of her, holds her down, and then bites her neck while she screams and I run to save her. 
Poor Lucy. After Bob is done torturing her, Gracie Allen the 6 lb. dog humps her at least twice a day.  I sure wish Lucy would grow some female nards and kick their butts.  But it's likely not to happen.
She is lady not a fighter. 
Now that's a cat tale!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Put Your Head on My Shoulder....(Paul Anka)............by Diane Ogden

Bob sleeps with his head on my shoulder every single night.  He is like a child.  P.S.  Taking a cat/mom selfie in the middle of the night is not easy.

                                              Told ya!!  Sound asleep on my arm/shoulder. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's Another Lazy Sunday..................One Week Later.............by Diane Ogden

Bob has self-graduated to the upper deck of the porch.  Pretty cushy life Mr. Bibbs!

I added a couple pillows to the porch swing today.  Bob is checking them out.  Thank God he isn't a man - boy cat that feels he has to be territorial and piss on all the tree (pillows) like some men.
Bob is behind pillow number one.  He is allowing Lucy Lou to attend his Lazy Sunday Porch session.  But God forbid should she attempt to get to his upper cushy deck space.  No way.  Unfortunately he rules.  She can get up onto the bed in the master bedroom but only until he sees her.  I don't like that but my opinion in the animal world or hierarchy doesn't hold much credibility.
So we do the best we can with what we have.  I sneak hugs and cuddles to Lucy when Bob is in another room.  Jealousy is an evil thing to have even if your a cat.  And Bob is a jealous cat. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon.................................by Diane Ogden


The little feet belong to my Granddaughter.  It was darn hot out on the porch this afternoon but Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden seemed to love it.  He really isn't as fat as he photographed in the top pic, or maybe he is and I just don't see it.  This would be the same porch I accidentally left him outside on until 5 a.m. last week.  I felt so bad.   He and Lucy were just sitting there waiting for me to come get them.  I was very happy it hadn't rained that night. 
Bob seems very docile in these photos but I tell you if there is so much as a creak in the wall in the middle of the night the poor boy jumps like a scared rabbit.  I suspect from his days of being out in the wild.  In my opinion the lousy human being that did that to Bob will get his KARMA.  No diff than putting a child out in a field on his own.  Well maybe a tad diff but still insane in my way of thinking/feeling. 

I watched a video on facebook today where a bear in the zoo pulled a drowning crow out of the mote like it was what he was supposed to do.  Dropped the bird, walked away and started eating his carrots.  After a few moments of collecting his half drowned self, the bird shook himself off and stood back up on both feet.  Some of the folks I have run across in life aren't as caring as that bear.
Instinct told that bear what to do.  I am not so sure humans have that instinct thing.  No we got voice boxes instead.

Think on that one.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Been a Hard Days' Night, ........................by Diane Ogden

It's been a hard day's night, and I'd been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright
You know I feel alright
You know I feel alright!

(Thank you "Beatles!")

He's a good cat to have around!  He's got class!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dumb Criminals Return to the Scene of the Crime!................by Diane Ogden

Actually these two feline's are pretty smart.  They were chasing one another and as they jumped the stool they hit the planter and it went down.  They heard the crash, stopped the chase, and sauntered back to see what the mishap was all about.  They truly didn't realize they were the cause of this mess.  Bob, he got right up in the guts of things to check just how this happening came about.  Lucy, she was a bit more on the simple "what happened blonde" scheme of things.   They watched me go find a glove considering that particular plant has long sharp thorns all the way up and around.  Once I got everything back up and situated there remained a pile of dirt on the rug they sniffed for a long time.  I believe they realized it did not belong there.

The rug is there with poddie pads on it for Gracie Allen, the 6 lb. Chihuahua Pomeranian  when I go to work each LONG day.  And to those two smart cats the leftover dirt didn't smell like anything that is usually on that rubber backed rug. 

This was quite the messy cat tale.............

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Killin' Grandma's Special Quilt ..........................by Diane Ogden

The old homemade quilt my Grandmother made had been washed and dried.  I was folding it when Bob must have had a case of the big britches and leaped onto it like it was a toy on a string.  As you can see he once again claimed ownership of anything new a room.  He also must have felt the need to show the old quilt who is boss because he beat it up best he could.  That is not a kind look on his face.   I dropped the part I was folding over the top of him which made everything much worse! 

After he believed he had won out.  He took himself a nice long nap atop it on the floor.   Needless to say it did not get folded for some time.  He rules.  We should all be content with such small takeovers. 

More Cat Tales later............

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bob is Lost....................by Diane Ogden

My Granddaughter spent the night with me.
                                                          Swangin 'on the porch swing with "Non".

Before I took my Granddaughter back to meet her Mother I gathered up her things and put them in the carrying cart to be taken downstairs to the SUV.  That was 10:30 a.m.  We met her Mom and said our goodbyes with generous kisses and hugs. 

Gracie Allen Ogden, the 6lb. Chihauhau Pom mix, and I drove back home, took care of some laundry, sat down at the computer to handle some business when I realized I had not seen Bob for some time.  In fact it was 1:30p.m.  I got up with an impending fear starting to circle my body like it does Lucy cat all the time.  Think its called Anxiety.....   I started calling for him in every room.  Looking under tables and on chairs.   Then checked the porch to see if I left him outside by accident.  Nothing Nadda.   I started to cry for some reason other than no reason.  At that point there were several situations taking shape in my head.  I was like someone on an airplane who had the pilot tied up, a bomb in the bathroom, fires in both engines, and the ocean below.  Yup it was that bad.   I grabbed copy paper, a scripto marker and set to work.  

I made signs for every entrance, the elevator and every exit. 

Then my neighbor came walking down the hall to get her mail....   She asked what was I doing.   I told  her BOB WAS MISSING.  So we checked all the floors, outside in the bushes, downstairs in parking and the garbage bins in case some sicko threw Bob in there.  Told you my mind was in overdrive.  Or underdrive whichever way you look at it.  Half full/half empty, whatever. Plus I called the office and they put a Bob Lost sign on the office door.

The neighbor then said he must be in your apartment.  I told her I had been calling him for a long time. He always comes when I call him.  She went under my bed (OMG )  And under sofa, then she opened the coat closet by the front door.  Bob sort of plopped out the door.  The closet is so full there was no where for him to go in there for all those hours.  I had opened it before I left with my Granddaughter.  Poor Bob had been in that small space for three plus hours.  Why, I felt like I had left my kid in a hot car.  He had to be somewhat deprived of oxygen for pity sakes.   Then he just got up and trotted off like nothing ever happened.   

He didn't meow when I called his name because he doesn't have much of a voice.   The vet suspects someone or something hurt his vocal cords in the past as his meow is very weak. 
The entire ordeal seems to have left him exhausted.  I surely hope he wont be marked for life!  (drama added for effect)

Allswell that ends well.  But let me say I was off the charts scared I lost my snuggler with the amazing personality. 

More Cat Tales or is it Tails....later