Sunday, April 5, 2015

Takes Two to Tango...............by Diane Ogden

Our house guests are still here which includes Rahja the male feline boarder.  Wait, boarders pay rent right?  Nope, Rahja does not fit that description then.  He would be more like a  short term visitor who makes funny noises at three and five thirty every morning....  most of the time I can sleep through them, but not last night.  I remained awake from the first funny noise to the five thirty noise.  That was "special" dontchaknow? 

Today was Easter not that any of the certified zoo animals noticed and no I didn't get any kitty baskets or lil dog Easter egg treats.  Naddo, none!  They are so very lucky I am sharing my abode with them and paying their medical bills.  I mean the litter I am going through is up for financial discussion...not to mention Rahja is eating everyone else's food and suddenly everyone is throwing up!!   No clue.  The throw up  seems to have dissipated as of today.  My neighbor says I live on "peuke island."   Least its not "chit" island..... I think. 

So today the sun was shining in my big West front window where Rahja and Bob always lay on the love seat like they really know its a love seat.  I personally think Rahja is gay.  Not that is matters okay?  But he loves Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden way too much.  He lays too close to him, he licks him for what seems like over and above the call of licking, or liking which makes Bob mad after twenty minutes has passed at which time Bob places his paw on Rahja's head to push him away and when that doesn't work it tends to get a lil rougher.  I took some snapshots of the ritual love seat licking and kicking "ars."  Get it?

Sun bathing on Easter Sunday....

The perpetual licking begins as they lay arm in arm!

Paw on Rahja's head saying ENOUGH licking, STOP!

And the fight begins.  Bob said No and Rhaja didn't hear him I guess.  Not to worry, I broke it up before there was any chance of a vet bill. I could have had the mini lift I want for all the $ I have spent saving my own three plus my Granddaughters and Daughters felines. 

More cat tales later.....