Friday, November 27, 2015

Lost on Thanksgiving....

Thanksgiving Day 2015 started out fine.  I was awake and alive.  I was trying to open a container of Coconut Cool Whip when I took a dive onto the kitchen floor.  I recall hoping the rest of the day didn't go south like that Cool Whip.  But it pretty much did.  
I was invited to my man-friends family gathering. I showed up but he didn't.  Something about something I don't understand.  Anyway, I enjoyed my time with the family I had prayed for many years.  Had great food and conversation....left for home in the rain around 10:30 pm.  I had eye surgery that failed therefore at night everything glares, rain making it only worse.   I thought I should not make it home but I did.  I was very thankful but very tired.   I entered my home, checked my computer for mail etc.  Got into bed, and heard a faint knock on the door.  I jumped up and ran thinking OMG it is surely an axe murderer.  And to my shock I had left the door unlocked.  I clicked the lock as I looked through the peep hole....  SHEIT!  I couldn't see a thing.  The real wreath I had purchased and hung was blocking my view of the intruder.  So I just  went back to bed.  I woke up at around 7 am instantly realizing Bob had not been near me as he usually was.  I flew out of bed calling his name, searching the apartment for  him.  NOTHING!  I started crying because I knew he was gone.   I ran to the door and out into the hallway thinking he must have ran out between my legs when I got home from the Thanksgiving dinner with my man-friends family where he didn't show up.  Oh goodie the cool whip had continued on thru the day, into nightfall, onto morning.... 
And there I was with tears flowing in the hallway when I see Bob wondering around the hallway.  I picked him and as I did the neighbor man opened his apartment door walking out, just looking at me.  Obviously he was the faint knock I heard on my door the previous evening trying to tell me Bob was abandoned and in need of getting back into his familiar surroundings.  Yet I didn't answer the door.  SHEIT.....I looked into the man's eyes with my red swollen crying eyes and said, "Thank you for taking care of my cat."  I then walked back into my apartment with my red eyes.   (He is such a shy man he merely backed into his apartment.
Later in the day as I headed for the elevator I saw how that nice man had cut a cardboard box down, put plastic garbage bag over it and added kitty litter.  Then over a ways off he had placed bowls, one with water and one with dry food.  I was beyond impressed and THANKFUL. 

I went to the local grocery store, purchased a $20 gift card for the no name man who helped Bob.  I placed it in an envelope and taped it to his door.    Bob has stuck pretty close to me since his little overnight escapade.   He could have been put outside and died.  He could have been taken the to local  inhumane society.... but he didn't and wasn't.  Thankful!! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Backseat Bob..............by Diane Ogden

Backseat Bob?  Yes that is what I presume Bob has been thinking the past few months considering I suspect he feels replaced.  Yes I have a man-friend who visits my and Bob's living quarters with great frequency.  I emphasize great frequency for a reason.  That reason being Bob's personal space has been invaded to say the least.  His barstool, his table, his kitchen counter, and his chair, not to mention other areas that are off blog limits.

My man-friend is being very patient and loving towards Bob in an effort to keep him calm so as not to have another $500.00 urinary tract infection due to stress as the Vet states is the cause of it.  Come on....??  I don't get urinary infections due to stress nor does anyone I know.  Just BOB!!   And if I do get one it doesn't cost me $500.00!!

Back to Bob's replacement issues.  He now follows me everywhere especially the bathroom. Not my  man-friend, Bob. You see that would be the one place the "man-friend" doesn't go with me.  Bob is no dummie in case I haven't mentioned it.  Bob is slowly finding his place in the NEW hierarchy of his home.  Bob still LORD'S over Lucy so he hasn't lost all his manliness.  And just so you know....I pick him up and still cuddle-bug him and he loves it! 

I was going to post a picture but I cant. I just got Windows 10 and cant find my photos or documents or anything else. (So I took a new picture.) 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bob's Friend Moved away FOREVER!

Yes Rahja moved far away with his family.  They had stayed with us for a couple months in which time the two cats became for sure soul mates.  It was very hard to see them separated.  I was  not home at the time but was informed Rahja screamed like a human being when put in his carrier to leave.  Bob tried to paw the door open to help Rahja but was unable to.

Bob was a very sad cat for over a month after Rahja's disappearance.  He has become very close to me once again which is the good part of the story.  During Rahja's stay he and Bob were never apart where before Rahja Bob would sleep on my shoulder every night.  He is back to sharing my new Serta remote control vibrating lift bed.  He seems alright although who really knows.  If he could talk I have no doubt the "Tales" he would tell.

Bob cannot vocalize very well.  The vet thinks someone choked him as his vocal cords do not work properly.  As well as if I put both my hands on his head he will flinch and try to bite me.  So obviously I don't do that!  He also cannot jump over a gate.  I mean what cat cannot jump over a baby gate?  Bob cant!  Again I suspect there is a story to that also.  And don't forget he was DUMPED out in the country at the family farm where my daughter found him extremely ill.  I cant imagine the "tale" he would tell regarding that terrible part of his life.  He was used to dogs and cats so he came domesticated.  That's about all I know for now.  Except Bob is fairly - to - very happy again. Except for the small part of him I suspect feels something is missing...... his soul mate.

More cat "tales" later.....

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Takes Two to Tango...............by Diane Ogden

Our house guests are still here which includes Rahja the male feline boarder.  Wait, boarders pay rent right?  Nope, Rahja does not fit that description then.  He would be more like a  short term visitor who makes funny noises at three and five thirty every morning....  most of the time I can sleep through them, but not last night.  I remained awake from the first funny noise to the five thirty noise.  That was "special" dontchaknow? 

Today was Easter not that any of the certified zoo animals noticed and no I didn't get any kitty baskets or lil dog Easter egg treats.  Naddo, none!  They are so very lucky I am sharing my abode with them and paying their medical bills.  I mean the litter I am going through is up for financial discussion...not to mention Rahja is eating everyone else's food and suddenly everyone is throwing up!!   No clue.  The throw up  seems to have dissipated as of today.  My neighbor says I live on "peuke island."   Least its not "chit" island..... I think. 

So today the sun was shining in my big West front window where Rahja and Bob always lay on the love seat like they really know its a love seat.  I personally think Rahja is gay.  Not that is matters okay?  But he loves Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden way too much.  He lays too close to him, he licks him for what seems like over and above the call of licking, or liking which makes Bob mad after twenty minutes has passed at which time Bob places his paw on Rahja's head to push him away and when that doesn't work it tends to get a lil rougher.  I took some snapshots of the ritual love seat licking and kicking "ars."  Get it?

Sun bathing on Easter Sunday....

The perpetual licking begins as they lay arm in arm!

Paw on Rahja's head saying ENOUGH licking, STOP!

And the fight begins.  Bob said No and Rhaja didn't hear him I guess.  Not to worry, I broke it up before there was any chance of a vet bill. I could have had the mini lift I want for all the $ I have spent saving my own three plus my Granddaughters and Daughters felines. 

More cat tales later.....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bob is Sick! ................................by Diane Ogden

So I noticed Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden in the litter box a couple times in a row so I started watching more closely and sure enough he was going from one box to the next squatting.  That is when I knew "we" had us a problem.  I called our veterinarian who didn't have any openings......but told me to "drop him off."   Later to find out there was a "DROP HIM OFF" charge.  I am usually a very kind person until someone tries to rob me such as the "drop him off" charge.  They had my young feline from 1:30 - 6:30.  They gave him IV fluids as he was dehydrated which no one knew why.  They never got a urine sample so they sent me home with 100 little black pieces of plastic to put in his litter box to trick him into urinating.  Ha.....ever tried to trick Bob?  Middle of the night Bob was so full of fluids from the vet he used his best wisdom and peed all over my hot pink shower mat.  I didn't like it anyway because it didn't match anything I have.  It was a $5 special at the new grocery store around the corner....good riddins to it.  But I did use some white tissue to blot his urine which told me he was very sick as it was bloody pink.  I don't think it was the dye from the shower pad because my feet have never been pink that I am aware of.  So I called the vet and asked for an antibiotic due to the bloody urine.  They said no that they had to have a sample and to bring him back in.  Once again I saw the word "robbery" and I took appropriate action.  I got the antibiotic!! He also rec'd an anti urinary tract spasm med, and a pain med.  Bill stands at $460.00.  Hell, if I got a bladder infection it wouldn't cost me that much.......

They think Bob may be upset due to the new house guest Rhaja cat.  Because he has been in perfect health for two years, or has it been one year?  idk.

Bob is slowly recovering.  He has slept on my arm and shoulder almost all night last.  He knows he is a sick boy.  I just pray he doesn't have crystals.... We do not know because he refused both kinds of urine tests.  The veterinarian kind and the empty trickery litter box one.  He "ain't" no dummy.

  Bob is laying in the sun recovering!   And below he is being babied and he loves it.
Update later.....

Sunday, March 15, 2015

As of two weeks ago my pseudo Granddaughter moved in ......WAIT!  I just looked that word up and its all WRONG for this sentence: 
adjective: pseudo
  1. not genuine; sham.
    "we are talking about real journalists and not the pseudo kind"
  1. My Granddaughter is not that!  She is not my blood kin but has been in my life since she was 18 months old.  I was trying to think of a cool word to add to the Granddaughter description and I flubbed it.  Just so you understand and we can laugh about my pseudo ignorance.
    Anyway, her and her son Cayden James are staying with me while they search for a nice apartment in Madison.  Accompanying them is Rhaja, a male cat.  Yup another cat.  I expected mayhem from my two cats and something from my little dog but to my genuine surprise there has been total peace among the animals since the second day when Rhaja snuck out of his bedroom jail.  He didn't like being stuck in that dark old bedroom so he escaped.  He is the most regal of cats.  He and Bob have been playing and sleeping together.  Lucy notsomuch.  But then Lucy is afraid of the world.  Grace the dog is fine with all of it long as we give her attention also.
    There is only one problem.  Rhaja is eating everything
    in sight.  He is eating his expensive food, Bob and Lucy's mixed hairball food, two bowls of it a day, and Gracie and Lucy's one jar of baby food Ham and gravy that helps Lucy poop.  I pick it up and he sneaks when I am not looking and licks her clean.  So Bob and Lucy went into Rhaja's room and ate his expensive food in return! God they'll all be puecking now.

    If anyone calls his name he comes directly.  Bob is so funny chasing after Rhaja like a follower vs the leader he was two weeks ago!  His short little legs and fat belly up against Rhaja handsomeness.   Boy I bet he is glad I saved his fat little butt now that he see's what the deal really is. 

    My concern is what shall happen when they have to separate.  I am very concerned!  Neither will have the playmate they both need being young restless male felines.
    Enjoy the photos! We sure have enjoyed taking them..
    Bob really enjoys having a youngster around.  Cayden James Jensen

     Checking out Rhaja's room! (Used to be an office ha)

     Lounging in the sunroom on the loveseat!

    Bob's new playmate....."Rhaja Blundon"

    I am now certified zooified.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hide n Seek.........by Diane Ogden

Bob has been living with Gracie Allen the 7 lb. Chi-Pom and Lucy Lou the beautiful but very shy rescue cat I have had for 2 years this week.  
Bob tends to be a young man-boy cat with a need for action and a need to be the dominant animal in this equation.  That being said, Bob has to stay in the master bedroom all day while I am at work.  The other two get the rest of the house and sadly Bob, if he can think at all, figures he is the only one of the three that is quarantined therefore he is starting to hide in the morning.  This morning I was calling and calling is name but no answer.  I scanned the apartment and found this: 

  I guess he figured if he couldn't see me, I couldn't see him!!  WRONG!! 
I make sure he has toys, a nice seat by the window, food, water, and sometimes even the TV is on low so he doesn't feel alone.  And catnip!

More Cat Tales later.....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bob the Cookie Thief!............by Diane Ogden

 This is a serious case of wanting the last cookie in the bag.  I am thinking I need to get Bob some sweet treats.  He found a chocolate "crumb" on the counter and scarfed it down faster than I could get to it. No  worries, it was microscopic.

    This is the beginning of my crustless pie.  I turned my back for a minute and Bob was on it!  I got him some treats to redirect his attention because I do not like hair in my pie.   He doesn't mind but I do...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Bob......................by Diane Ogden

Bob tried to get into the SuperBowl.  He sat on his favorite spot, the cable box.  It blows out some heat and he likes that.  I need to get him a heated bed. 

I was working on my computer while I watched the SuperBowl when Mr. Bob jumped up on my lap and then scooched his way farther and farther up my lap.  He prefers to get up by my face. He then puts his paws on my cheeks.  It's the darndest thing I have ever experienced with a cat.  In fact it is getting hard to sleep because at night he scooches up up up onto my chest and neck area.  Then he kneads my chest with his paws which have very sharp nails.  I have to put a blanket between me and his paws so he can knead and I wont experience pain as well as being awake too long.  When persons are awake too long they rarely go back to sleep for a few hours. Bob isn't a person, so he goes directly back to sleep.  Not mwah!

We're all good.  More later.......its a bit quiet.  I think its because its WINTER.  I set him up by the windows yesterday to watch the latest blizzard snow storm.  He didn't seem too interested. And for the record I wasn't either.  8"'s.   Maybe that is why. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am King Bob.................by Diane Ogden

So this is Bob and Lucy's home.  And everything in this home Bob claims as his.  Lucy was enjoying a quiet restful evening on the bar stool until Bob saw her resting on HIS bar stool and that is when he jumped up and onto her back.  She always gives in.  Bless her gentle little heart.   Below is  BobBenjaminMorrisonOgden realizing his King-ship!  He rules. 
(Don't worry I give Lucy extra loves)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bob's Victims...........................................by Diane Ogden

So these are Bob's little victims....
Bob isn't a playful little man.  He is an angry little man.  I understand.  He has to be in the bedroom all day alone while I work.  If not he bites Lucy's neck and she screams something terrible.  He doesn't seem too interested in Gracie Allen thank God but on occasion he has swiped at her.  I know he is jealous so I try to give him more attention.  He really needs to be an "only cat."  Like an only kid household. But I would worry about him forever being without me.  Not that I am the best.  But I would want to know where he is and how he is.  No worries, he isn't going anywhere yet.  He also wants to go outside so badly but I cant be chasing him around in the snow besides he isn't licensed for out there and there are coons and coyotes in the area.  Besides he would bring me home awful horrible hideous sickening gagging  presents from the field.  Truly OMG!   So for now he is in.  I hold him half the night until my arm goes to sleep.  He makes loving chirps to me. Hard for him as his throat has been injured in the past.....   And he purrs an odd purr as he places his two front paws on my face.  That would be at 2 or 3 a.m.  If I turn over he sleeps very close up against my back.  I think I must be the only person that was every kind to him.  Yet he was very interested in my GGson who came to visit yesterday.  So below are Bob's little victims, Gracie Allen and Lucy Lou.  (She is so gentle and has anxiety I hate to see Bob jump on her and bite)  I need that cat man from TV with all the Tattoo's so the three animals can live in the same room. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crushed..........................................by Diane Ogden

Darn good thing I saw this!!  I could have crushed my cat, Bob, to death with my new uppie downie million dollar bed.  And obviously you can see I have many things under my bed! Thank God Bob wasn't one of those items that have remained under my bed for the past 12 years.  Shhhh.   God he is such a lucky dog.  I mean cat!  Actually what is under my bed are my 4th sons collections of Baseball cards and all his Ninja awards.  Some of my 20,000 family photos as well as part of a huge button collection.  Cant throw those things away no matter how long since I used them.  So there Oprah!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bob Got Photobombed!..........................................by Diane Ogden

Bob used to love to lay next to my "hot" lap top.  No pun intended or whatever that was.  I moved my computer activities from the table where Bob had space to lay next to the laptop heater --to my PC.  He has since decided he can make his way between the keyboard and the TOUCH screen PC.  Every time his tail whisks past the screen issues happen.  And obviously you can see I have posted his mug on my screensaver.  He is oblivious to this fact by the way.  Don't give him toooo much credit.  He was looking at himself or the other cat but my Smart Phone didn't catch it in time.  So this is what we get.  Also do notice the TV on the mantel with the man photo bombing Bob's double selfie.  While all this is happening Bob is throwing around my nail file, my pens, a pair of earrings, a lip balm, and a flash drive....  at which point I removed him from my personal area.  Don't feel bad....Bob doesn't care... he just moves on to his next victim.  Usually Lucy!  Again, don't worry, I protect her.  More Cat Tales later..... 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Who Invaded my Space? ........................................by Diane Ogden

That little man is my Great Grandson Kenton Joseph.  His mama set him on Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden's TURF!!  Don't worry I was watching closely.  Now if that had been Lucy cat on his turf he would have bit her poor little neck!  Again, don't worry, I was standing close.  Bob seemed more curious than angry.  I think he likes the little guy. 

                                                         And then it was Bob's turn.

                                               SPOILED?  Oh yeah.