Tuesday, February 7, 2017

George Burns and Gracie Allen

What was I thinking when I named my sweet rescue Bob....
It was on the way to the Veterinarian right after finding him so ill that I realized he had no name...  So I racked my stressed out brain during the 6 mile trip.  Nothing was floating head on into my frontal lobe or any lobe so I did the next best thing and stole my best friends cats name.  "Bob."  I mean why not Carl, or George?

You see, my little 7 pound other rescue is a dog named Sue....no, no....a dog named "Gracie Allen."  I love to laugh and make funnies therefore appropriate.  So why in the name of floating names wasn't that one in the air around my space?  Why didn't I catch it?  Not only didn't I catch it, unless I did and forgot, which happens more then not lately...why didn't I catch it until today.  THREE YEARS LATER.   God I'm slowin' up in the area of quick.  

Point:  Bob shudda been "George Burns" to go with my "Gracie Allen"  forever...   Imagine me calling them for breakfast....

Bob and Gracie Allen with me and Karli the Granddaughter