Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bob's Friend Moved away FOREVER!

Yes Rahja moved far away with his family.  They had stayed with us for a couple months in which time the two cats became for sure soul mates.  It was very hard to see them separated.  I was  not home at the time but was informed Rahja screamed like a human being when put in his carrier to leave.  Bob tried to paw the door open to help Rahja but was unable to.

Bob was a very sad cat for over a month after Rahja's disappearance.  He has become very close to me once again which is the good part of the story.  During Rahja's stay he and Bob were never apart where before Rahja Bob would sleep on my shoulder every night.  He is back to sharing my new Serta remote control vibrating lift bed.  He seems alright although who really knows.  If he could talk I have no doubt the "Tales" he would tell.

Bob cannot vocalize very well.  The vet thinks someone choked him as his vocal cords do not work properly.  As well as if I put both my hands on his head he will flinch and try to bite me.  So obviously I don't do that!  He also cannot jump over a gate.  I mean what cat cannot jump over a baby gate?  Bob cant!  Again I suspect there is a story to that also.  And don't forget he was DUMPED out in the country at the family farm where my daughter found him extremely ill.  I cant imagine the "tale" he would tell regarding that terrible part of his life.  He was used to dogs and cats so he came domesticated.  That's about all I know for now.  Except Bob is fairly - to - very happy again. Except for the small part of him I suspect feels something is missing...... his soul mate.

More cat "tales" later.....