Friday, November 27, 2015

Lost on Thanksgiving....

Thanksgiving Day 2015 started out fine.  I was awake and alive.  I was trying to open a container of Coconut Cool Whip when I took a dive onto the kitchen floor.  I recall hoping the rest of the day didn't go south like that Cool Whip.  But it pretty much did.  
I was invited to my man-friends family gathering. I showed up but he didn't.  Something about something I don't understand.  Anyway, I enjoyed my time with the family I had prayed for many years.  Had great food and conversation....left for home in the rain around 10:30 pm.  I had eye surgery that failed therefore at night everything glares, rain making it only worse.   I thought I should not make it home but I did.  I was very thankful but very tired.   I entered my home, checked my computer for mail etc.  Got into bed, and heard a faint knock on the door.  I jumped up and ran thinking OMG it is surely an axe murderer.  And to my shock I had left the door unlocked.  I clicked the lock as I looked through the peep hole....  SHEIT!  I couldn't see a thing.  The real wreath I had purchased and hung was blocking my view of the intruder.  So I just  went back to bed.  I woke up at around 7 am instantly realizing Bob had not been near me as he usually was.  I flew out of bed calling his name, searching the apartment for  him.  NOTHING!  I started crying because I knew he was gone.   I ran to the door and out into the hallway thinking he must have ran out between my legs when I got home from the Thanksgiving dinner with my man-friends family where he didn't show up.  Oh goodie the cool whip had continued on thru the day, into nightfall, onto morning.... 
And there I was with tears flowing in the hallway when I see Bob wondering around the hallway.  I picked him and as I did the neighbor man opened his apartment door walking out, just looking at me.  Obviously he was the faint knock I heard on my door the previous evening trying to tell me Bob was abandoned and in need of getting back into his familiar surroundings.  Yet I didn't answer the door.  SHEIT.....I looked into the man's eyes with my red swollen crying eyes and said, "Thank you for taking care of my cat."  I then walked back into my apartment with my red eyes.   (He is such a shy man he merely backed into his apartment.
Later in the day as I headed for the elevator I saw how that nice man had cut a cardboard box down, put plastic garbage bag over it and added kitty litter.  Then over a ways off he had placed bowls, one with water and one with dry food.  I was beyond impressed and THANKFUL. 

I went to the local grocery store, purchased a $20 gift card for the no name man who helped Bob.  I placed it in an envelope and taped it to his door.    Bob has stuck pretty close to me since his little overnight escapade.   He could have been put outside and died.  He could have been taken the to local  inhumane society.... but he didn't and wasn't.  Thankful!!