Sunday, October 4, 2015

Backseat Bob..............by Diane Ogden

Backseat Bob?  Yes that is what I presume Bob has been thinking the past few months considering I suspect he feels replaced.  Yes I have a man-friend who visits my and Bob's living quarters with great frequency.  I emphasize great frequency for a reason.  That reason being Bob's personal space has been invaded to say the least.  His barstool, his table, his kitchen counter, and his chair, not to mention other areas that are off blog limits.

My man-friend is being very patient and loving towards Bob in an effort to keep him calm so as not to have another $500.00 urinary tract infection due to stress as the Vet states is the cause of it.  Come on....??  I don't get urinary infections due to stress nor does anyone I know.  Just BOB!!   And if I do get one it doesn't cost me $500.00!!

Back to Bob's replacement issues.  He now follows me everywhere especially the bathroom. Not my  man-friend, Bob. You see that would be the one place the "man-friend" doesn't go with me.  Bob is no dummie in case I haven't mentioned it.  Bob is slowly finding his place in the NEW hierarchy of his home.  Bob still LORD'S over Lucy so he hasn't lost all his manliness.  And just so you know....I pick him up and still cuddle-bug him and he loves it! 

I was going to post a picture but I cant. I just got Windows 10 and cant find my photos or documents or anything else. (So I took a new picture.)