Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Been a Hard Days' Night, ........................by Diane Ogden

It's been a hard day's night, and I'd been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright
You know I feel alright
You know I feel alright!

(Thank you "Beatles!")

He's a good cat to have around!  He's got class!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dumb Criminals Return to the Scene of the Crime!................by Diane Ogden

Actually these two feline's are pretty smart.  They were chasing one another and as they jumped the stool they hit the planter and it went down.  They heard the crash, stopped the chase, and sauntered back to see what the mishap was all about.  They truly didn't realize they were the cause of this mess.  Bob, he got right up in the guts of things to check just how this happening came about.  Lucy, she was a bit more on the simple "what happened blonde" scheme of things.   They watched me go find a glove considering that particular plant has long sharp thorns all the way up and around.  Once I got everything back up and situated there remained a pile of dirt on the rug they sniffed for a long time.  I believe they realized it did not belong there.

The rug is there with poddie pads on it for Gracie Allen, the 6 lb. Chihuahua Pomeranian  when I go to work each LONG day.  And to those two smart cats the leftover dirt didn't smell like anything that is usually on that rubber backed rug. 

This was quite the messy cat tale.............

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Killin' Grandma's Special Quilt ..........................by Diane Ogden

The old homemade quilt my Grandmother made had been washed and dried.  I was folding it when Bob must have had a case of the big britches and leaped onto it like it was a toy on a string.  As you can see he once again claimed ownership of anything new a room.  He also must have felt the need to show the old quilt who is boss because he beat it up best he could.  That is not a kind look on his face.   I dropped the part I was folding over the top of him which made everything much worse! 

After he believed he had won out.  He took himself a nice long nap atop it on the floor.   Needless to say it did not get folded for some time.  He rules.  We should all be content with such small takeovers. 

More Cat Tales later............

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bob is Lost....................by Diane Ogden

My Granddaughter spent the night with me.
                                                          Swangin 'on the porch swing with "Non".

Before I took my Granddaughter back to meet her Mother I gathered up her things and put them in the carrying cart to be taken downstairs to the SUV.  That was 10:30 a.m.  We met her Mom and said our goodbyes with generous kisses and hugs. 

Gracie Allen Ogden, the 6lb. Chihauhau Pom mix, and I drove back home, took care of some laundry, sat down at the computer to handle some business when I realized I had not seen Bob for some time.  In fact it was 1:30p.m.  I got up with an impending fear starting to circle my body like it does Lucy cat all the time.  Think its called Anxiety.....   I started calling for him in every room.  Looking under tables and on chairs.   Then checked the porch to see if I left him outside by accident.  Nothing Nadda.   I started to cry for some reason other than no reason.  At that point there were several situations taking shape in my head.  I was like someone on an airplane who had the pilot tied up, a bomb in the bathroom, fires in both engines, and the ocean below.  Yup it was that bad.   I grabbed copy paper, a scripto marker and set to work.  

I made signs for every entrance, the elevator and every exit. 

Then my neighbor came walking down the hall to get her mail....   She asked what was I doing.   I told  her BOB WAS MISSING.  So we checked all the floors, outside in the bushes, downstairs in parking and the garbage bins in case some sicko threw Bob in there.  Told you my mind was in overdrive.  Or underdrive whichever way you look at it.  Half full/half empty, whatever. Plus I called the office and they put a Bob Lost sign on the office door.

The neighbor then said he must be in your apartment.  I told her I had been calling him for a long time. He always comes when I call him.  She went under my bed (OMG )  And under sofa, then she opened the coat closet by the front door.  Bob sort of plopped out the door.  The closet is so full there was no where for him to go in there for all those hours.  I had opened it before I left with my Granddaughter.  Poor Bob had been in that small space for three plus hours.  Why, I felt like I had left my kid in a hot car.  He had to be somewhat deprived of oxygen for pity sakes.   Then he just got up and trotted off like nothing ever happened.   

He didn't meow when I called his name because he doesn't have much of a voice.   The vet suspects someone or something hurt his vocal cords in the past as his meow is very weak. 
The entire ordeal seems to have left him exhausted.  I surely hope he wont be marked for life!  (drama added for effect)

Allswell that ends well.  But let me say I was off the charts scared I lost my snuggler with the amazing personality. 

More Cat Tales or is it Tails....later

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Snuggler...............................by Diane Ogden

Probably need no words for this one.  Darn guy is the best snuggler this side of the Mississippi as the saying goes.  His favorite place is on my arm and chest in the middle of the night.  What a guy! And he always puts his paw on the side of my face.  He must know I saved him.  But then he has saved me sometimes too. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Jar Went Empty.......................by Diane Ogden

Somehow I started mixing cat foods.  I would try one hairball food for Lucy and then find a better one.  But if I changed it suddenly she would throw up all over my living space.  So I kept mixing and mixing until I was mixing five bags of this and that.  Lucy is about 8 or 9 years old.  Bob on the other hand  is 2!  Maybe 3.  So one hairball food is for ages 1-6.   The other is for mature.  And in between are various other brands with all protein and one junky that would represent pizza to us.

I keep them in huge glass jars after I mix them all up.  Well the jars ran dry so it was mixing day.  I put all the bags on the counter.  Got the big red mixin' bowl out.  The measuring cup and went to work. 

I got  one bowl poured and Bob was on the counter head and feet first into that bowl.  He looked like he had won the lotto.  I backed off and let him have at it.  Reminded me of an old sow gruntin' and rootin' in her food.  He even pawed it around some. 

When he had his fill down he went off the cupboard and to his after meal man-chair...   a very satisfied long legged boy.  (immature man)

All the time Lucy sat stately on her haunches on the bar watching the kid pig out inside the big red bowl.   She waited for me to pour hers into her dish.  Told you she was a lady.

 BobBMO gets away with all but murder around here.  But then whose it to hurt?  No one.  I like his character.  Not so sure Lucy and Gracie dog do.  And I get that. 

More Cat Tails later....  since his belly is full he is napping like the typical man - boy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Princess and The Pauper.............................by Diane Ogden

Lucy is quite the lady of the house.  She is timid, yet makes her voice heard much of the time.  She tends to be afraid of things, anxiety would be the correct term.  Maybe even anxiety ridden.  Wonder if the word ridden is correct.  Reminds me of Lucy riding an anxiety horse.   She does.

   And the other and only young boy in the household is Bob.  Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden who is but a feisty teen.  He was never taught respect for a Princess.  In fact Bob thinks he is King (dominates little Lady Lucy) when in reality he is but a poor lowly pauper I rescued from the "funny farm."  Most things and or people that (survived ) come out of the old homestead, have issues. But seriously I think Bob being a transient saved his behind (mind) from the clutches of the funny farm.  All that said, I have no clue where this youngin' came from.   I do know he is a lover and loyal.  But not to Lucy.  Bob chases her, scares her, gets her down and bites her neck.  No I do not allow it.  I am the only human here who is chasing a small (he finally lost weight) tiger cat around an apartment screaming stop it! And a few other choice non angelic words.  I never leave them alone and together when I am gone.  They would most likely be fine.  I believe the issue stems from Bob's jealousy of my attention to any other critter when I am home.  I still don't take any chances.
Bob is not in kill mode, he is yawning from boredom because Lady Lucy doesn't know how to play.  And that is because Bad boy Bob plays too rough.

Sometimes they hang together.  There are times I will accidentally leave one of them out on the porch.  Usually its Lucy who cries until I realize Bob is left out. 

Guess my little Princess cat took after me and unfortunately takes care of bad boys.  Wont she ever learn like I did!!

They are both special in their own ways.  They both bring a good energy to the home. Well most of the time.  Lucy scratches the wood furniture.   Bob scratches the sofa, but that is not the end of the world. When I am dead and gone who will care about some furniture.  (It's not new or I would be howling!)  Oh and Lucy cries when she poo's because she licks herself too much due to the anxiety therefore has an overabundance of hair to try to digest.  Yes I buy special food to help.  Lucy also hides every morning under my bed and wont come out.   I have to take a huge vacuum into my room and plug it in so she will run out.  Makes for tough mornings sometimes. All in all we're good.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chicken Salad....Do Cats Like Grapes?.................by Diane Ogden

I was putting some poopy, no not poop. Pop.....poppy seed, celery, walnut, grapes, and chicken into a salad for my lunch.  I was also busy cutting some cheese, putting a few pretzels in a baggie when Bob came walking around the corner of the counter across the stove, whoopee. I hate finding cat hair in my food.  That being said....I still let him do it.  He checked out the chicken salad, decided it wasn't for him and sauntered back across the stove and around the corner where he jumped off the bar onto a bar stool and then onto the floor.  He went and ate the dogs food that must have turned out better then my concoction.   Hey, recipe is from Whole Foods! Not whole foods cat food I guess.  Never did know a cat that liked grapes.  Or celery. Or even poopy seeds.  You know I meant poppy seeds. 
He doesn't like applesauce either.  But he does like Gerber Ham and Gravy baby food.  He gets a scoop every morning with chicken broth. Lucy gets the rest of the jar.  We got this covered.
(Lest I forget sweet Lucy)