Monday, July 14, 2014

The Jar Went Empty.......................by Diane Ogden

Somehow I started mixing cat foods.  I would try one hairball food for Lucy and then find a better one.  But if I changed it suddenly she would throw up all over my living space.  So I kept mixing and mixing until I was mixing five bags of this and that.  Lucy is about 8 or 9 years old.  Bob on the other hand  is 2!  Maybe 3.  So one hairball food is for ages 1-6.   The other is for mature.  And in between are various other brands with all protein and one junky that would represent pizza to us.

I keep them in huge glass jars after I mix them all up.  Well the jars ran dry so it was mixing day.  I put all the bags on the counter.  Got the big red mixin' bowl out.  The measuring cup and went to work. 

I got  one bowl poured and Bob was on the counter head and feet first into that bowl.  He looked like he had won the lotto.  I backed off and let him have at it.  Reminded me of an old sow gruntin' and rootin' in her food.  He even pawed it around some. 

When he had his fill down he went off the cupboard and to his after meal man-chair...   a very satisfied long legged boy.  (immature man)

All the time Lucy sat stately on her haunches on the bar watching the kid pig out inside the big red bowl.   She waited for me to pour hers into her dish.  Told you she was a lady.

 BobBMO gets away with all but murder around here.  But then whose it to hurt?  No one.  I like his character.  Not so sure Lucy and Gracie dog do.  And I get that. 

More Cat Tails later....  since his belly is full he is napping like the typical man - boy!