Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chicken Salad....Do Cats Like Grapes?.................by Diane Ogden

I was putting some poopy, no not poop. Pop.....poppy seed, celery, walnut, grapes, and chicken into a salad for my lunch.  I was also busy cutting some cheese, putting a few pretzels in a baggie when Bob came walking around the corner of the counter across the stove, whoopee. I hate finding cat hair in my food.  That being said....I still let him do it.  He checked out the chicken salad, decided it wasn't for him and sauntered back across the stove and around the corner where he jumped off the bar onto a bar stool and then onto the floor.  He went and ate the dogs food that must have turned out better then my concoction.   Hey, recipe is from Whole Foods! Not whole foods cat food I guess.  Never did know a cat that liked grapes.  Or celery. Or even poopy seeds.  You know I meant poppy seeds. 
He doesn't like applesauce either.  But he does like Gerber Ham and Gravy baby food.  He gets a scoop every morning with chicken broth. Lucy gets the rest of the jar.  We got this covered.
(Lest I forget sweet Lucy)