Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rock a Bye Bubby on the Porch Swing.................by Diane Ogden

I purchased a rattan wicker looking porch swing last year.  It was stored in my second bathroom bathtub all winter.  I know, I know.  It amounted to me being determined to have one of my minor dreams come true.  After three months of hounding the maintenance team, I "got her done."  Bob and I and Gracie Allen and Lucy Lou love to sit outside and rock the night away swangin'. 

I bring the pillows in after each swangin' session.  Bob enjoys it outside  so much he finds his way to the swing cushion (on the sunroom floor) and sleeps on it until the door opens once again for a swangin' session.  You know, the John Anderson song called "Just a Swangin~!"    Well that would be the four of us every night if doesn't rain....  "Just a Swanin!"