Sunday, November 30, 2014

MyHuman Cat!..........................by Diane Ogden

He doesn't open doors or poop on the toilet or sit at the table.  Rather he seems to have an ability to do certain non animal things.  
                                           Bob reading his blog...............
For instance he curls up next to me at night like a child.  Places his paws on my face and wont move them unless I hold his paw.  So I hold his paw for hours every night!  He makes sure there is a place for him on my messy computer desk. 

Tonight I tried to pick him up and move him because he was rubbing on my touch screen screen  messing up everything I was working on.  When I went to pick him up he grabbed onto the bottom of the PC Screen and hung on both sides so I couldn't move him!  Say what??
There is more. 

I adore the little man and he adores me.  That's enough.
Oh, he cannot go out on the porch anymore.  For 8 years my cat Lucy went out on the porch not realizing she could jump over the railing.  (I put up a baby netting)  Bob went out on the porch for almost two years enjoying every Sunday sleeping out there in the sunshine...  Then one day he saw me taking Gracie dog out to podie..   He immediately jumped over to come with me and every since if I let him out he seeks freedom immediately.  Then I have to run out my door, down the hall, outside, find him and carry him back!  What a wonderful thing to have gotten ruined!  I should not have ever let him see me outside.  He's my little man and he goes where I go. 
I suspect he was an outside cat at one time.   I sure hate keeping him in.  But then, who would he sleep with if he lived outside. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lucy Lou found a very soft place to rest on top of my peach colored satin pillows.
And just as she got very cozy.......guess who decided to show her whose boss!

And guess who was hiding in the background!  (Gracie Allen Ogden)