Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am King Bob.................by Diane Ogden

So this is Bob and Lucy's home.  And everything in this home Bob claims as his.  Lucy was enjoying a quiet restful evening on the bar stool until Bob saw her resting on HIS bar stool and that is when he jumped up and onto her back.  She always gives in.  Bless her gentle little heart.   Below is  BobBenjaminMorrisonOgden realizing his King-ship!  He rules. 
(Don't worry I give Lucy extra loves)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bob's Victims...........................................by Diane Ogden

So these are Bob's little victims....
Bob isn't a playful little man.  He is an angry little man.  I understand.  He has to be in the bedroom all day alone while I work.  If not he bites Lucy's neck and she screams something terrible.  He doesn't seem too interested in Gracie Allen thank God but on occasion he has swiped at her.  I know he is jealous so I try to give him more attention.  He really needs to be an "only cat."  Like an only kid household. But I would worry about him forever being without me.  Not that I am the best.  But I would want to know where he is and how he is.  No worries, he isn't going anywhere yet.  He also wants to go outside so badly but I cant be chasing him around in the snow besides he isn't licensed for out there and there are coons and coyotes in the area.  Besides he would bring me home awful horrible hideous sickening gagging  presents from the field.  Truly OMG!   So for now he is in.  I hold him half the night until my arm goes to sleep.  He makes loving chirps to me. Hard for him as his throat has been injured in the past.....   And he purrs an odd purr as he places his two front paws on my face.  That would be at 2 or 3 a.m.  If I turn over he sleeps very close up against my back.  I think I must be the only person that was every kind to him.  Yet he was very interested in my GGson who came to visit yesterday.  So below are Bob's little victims, Gracie Allen and Lucy Lou.  (She is so gentle and has anxiety I hate to see Bob jump on her and bite)  I need that cat man from TV with all the Tattoo's so the three animals can live in the same room. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crushed..........................................by Diane Ogden

Darn good thing I saw this!!  I could have crushed my cat, Bob, to death with my new uppie downie million dollar bed.  And obviously you can see I have many things under my bed! Thank God Bob wasn't one of those items that have remained under my bed for the past 12 years.  Shhhh.   God he is such a lucky dog.  I mean cat!  Actually what is under my bed are my 4th sons collections of Baseball cards and all his Ninja awards.  Some of my 20,000 family photos as well as part of a huge button collection.  Cant throw those things away no matter how long since I used them.  So there Oprah!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bob Got Photobombed!..........................................by Diane Ogden

Bob used to love to lay next to my "hot" lap top.  No pun intended or whatever that was.  I moved my computer activities from the table where Bob had space to lay next to the laptop heater --to my PC.  He has since decided he can make his way between the keyboard and the TOUCH screen PC.  Every time his tail whisks past the screen issues happen.  And obviously you can see I have posted his mug on my screensaver.  He is oblivious to this fact by the way.  Don't give him toooo much credit.  He was looking at himself or the other cat but my Smart Phone didn't catch it in time.  So this is what we get.  Also do notice the TV on the mantel with the man photo bombing Bob's double selfie.  While all this is happening Bob is throwing around my nail file, my pens, a pair of earrings, a lip balm, and a flash drive....  at which point I removed him from my personal area.  Don't feel bad....Bob doesn't care... he just moves on to his next victim.  Usually Lucy!  Again, don't worry, I protect her.  More Cat Tales later..... 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Who Invaded my Space? ........................................by Diane Ogden

That little man is my Great Grandson Kenton Joseph.  His mama set him on Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden's TURF!!  Don't worry I was watching closely.  Now if that had been Lucy cat on his turf he would have bit her poor little neck!  Again, don't worry, I was standing close.  Bob seemed more curious than angry.  I think he likes the little guy. 

                                                         And then it was Bob's turn.

                                               SPOILED?  Oh yeah.