Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bob's Victims...........................................by Diane Ogden

So these are Bob's little victims....
Bob isn't a playful little man.  He is an angry little man.  I understand.  He has to be in the bedroom all day alone while I work.  If not he bites Lucy's neck and she screams something terrible.  He doesn't seem too interested in Gracie Allen thank God but on occasion he has swiped at her.  I know he is jealous so I try to give him more attention.  He really needs to be an "only cat."  Like an only kid household. But I would worry about him forever being without me.  Not that I am the best.  But I would want to know where he is and how he is.  No worries, he isn't going anywhere yet.  He also wants to go outside so badly but I cant be chasing him around in the snow besides he isn't licensed for out there and there are coons and coyotes in the area.  Besides he would bring me home awful horrible hideous sickening gagging  presents from the field.  Truly OMG!   So for now he is in.  I hold him half the night until my arm goes to sleep.  He makes loving chirps to me. Hard for him as his throat has been injured in the past.....   And he purrs an odd purr as he places his two front paws on my face.  That would be at 2 or 3 a.m.  If I turn over he sleeps very close up against my back.  I think I must be the only person that was every kind to him.  Yet he was very interested in my GGson who came to visit yesterday.  So below are Bob's little victims, Gracie Allen and Lucy Lou.  (She is so gentle and has anxiety I hate to see Bob jump on her and bite)  I need that cat man from TV with all the Tattoo's so the three animals can live in the same room.