Monday, April 28, 2014

The New Toy!......................by Diane Ogden

 One of my clients purchased a really cool cat toy that latches on over the door sill with a toy hanging from a long string dealie.  I suspect it was between $20-$30.00 at the local Pet Mart. 

Sooo, I dug out my hot pink party ribbon, tied it to the ceiling fan, tied the other end to a cat toy I had and whalla!  Freebie.  Bob even posed for this one.  I told him to hold still and by golly he did.  Look at those crystal clear HD eyes.   Good little man.

P.S. Bob has lost most of his fatness.  He had a very rough year and it affected him psychologically to the point of overeating.  But we "gotter done" and back on track.  Now all I need to do is lose the ten stress pounds I put on.  Maybe I should lay on the floor and play with the....nope nevermind. 

More "Cat Tales" later................

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No Room For the Flu..................by Diane Ogden

So I have had the flu.  Ache all over, runny stuffy nose, headache, fever, chills, pain shooting into my body in odd spots, and just plain sick.  I don't like laying in bed for no other reason than sleeping.  I have been in bed for days.  And not alone, might I add.  There has been a critter on either side and sometimes in between.  The lil dog likes to get between my legs or if I turn on my side, DIRECTLY behind my knees.  Bob on the other hand has his own private spot on the right side next to my chest. Lucy is the lefty.  She hangs a bit farther away on the left side.  Needless to say if I have to get up, Bob inevitably goes with me no matter where it is or what time.  Then back to bed and they're already there all tucked in with no place for me to go.  I think they like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Diana Perez, John Muller, ABC World News at 3:00 a.m. give or take an hour if its an insomniac night.  As you can see I am not alone during my sick week.

I have to give the critters credit.  They have stuck by me like glue all week.  Best little friends every.

Friday, April 11, 2014

"ROCKY!".............................by Diane Ogden

Well he finally lost enough weight to make it up to the top and he couldn't be prouder of himself!
Lucy could always get away by leaping gracefully to the top of this gargantuan cat tree I bought off Craig's List.  They wanted rid of it so bad they delivered it.  It truly is a monster in the room, but considering I do not entertain upper socialites, we're good. 

  He really wanted to see what the big deal was all about "UP THERE!"  I haven't seen him try it again since.  Must not be as cool as he suspected.  But.....like Rocky Balboa, Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden made it to the top and shook his head proud.  That, I suspect, is the reason for the alien eyes.

They are working on getting along.  Why, it's only been 14 months together....  Bob is a bit rude and feisty to sweet little Lucy Lady.  I holler at him when he readies to pounce on her and he runs and hides because he gets a time out if I catch him being mean.  Pretty funny to see a pudgy cat with short legs try to outrun Mama Mia!! 

More Cat Tails later.............

Monday, April 7, 2014

There is a Thief in the House!!...................by Diane Ogden

I put Gracie's bed out in the sunroom so she could get a little Vitamin D which she did. 
But when I move around Gracie follows me.   She left her bed and might I add this is also a car bed. Grace literally lives in that bed.  When I am home it sits next to the computer.  When I am gone she is in it most of the day off and on.  (She hates doggie day care)  When I go to the store she rides in her bed.  Get my point?  It is her mainstay!

I was at my computer typing away when Gracie stands on her hind legs and starts pawing me with her nails no stop!  I said, "Stop it!"  She didn't.  I figured something was up somewhere somehow.....
That is when I did a scanning of the great room which includes the sun room and whalla......what do I see?   Check it out.

I 'm not sure if this is a look of GUILT, or a look of determination.

                        And this is a look of pissed.  Get out of my bed you Bob-cat!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"I like her, I think I really might like her.".............by Diane Ogden

Bob might think he likes Gracie Allen now, but Gracie Allen isn't so sure she trusts Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden!  He has very sharp claws and he likes to show off sometimes. Show whose boss, whose the man around the house.  (He is actually still a long legged boy) 

I keep them separated when I am not home for the sake of "who really knows" what is in Bobbers head at times.

Really?   Notice anything odd or mistrusting about Gracie Allen's look of the eye?  Right!
Bob is not even considering any mischief, but Gracie is definitely on guard.

Check out Gracie's one eye, on guard!)
Finally a relaxing moment.  Mainly because they are back to back!  I cant see you so you cant hurt me!!!
More Cat Tales and Dog De-Rails later....

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Really? Seriously? A REAL Warm Sun?......by Diane Ogden

It has been a very long grey dreary winter for Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden!  He has been going outside on the porch, hanging around windows with sun streaming in....  and sleeping like a baby on my the velvet down filled loveseat handed down to me from my Nana.  I actually used to sleep on it when I was four years old.

Also, please notice Bobbers has lost some weight!!  Oh yeah...I have been teaching him to play laser.
It's all good. 

His trust factor has grown each month he has lived here.  End of February 2013 to present day.
Last night he snuggled up next to me (waking me up) and laid his head on my arm.  Can you believe it?  Me either..  Like a child would.  Should have seen me trying to maneuver the smart phone for this half selfie with my left hand at 3:40 in the morning.  He's a hoot my Bob Benjamin!

More Cat Tales as they come along.....