Saturday, April 5, 2014

Really? Seriously? A REAL Warm Sun?......by Diane Ogden

It has been a very long grey dreary winter for Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden!  He has been going outside on the porch, hanging around windows with sun streaming in....  and sleeping like a baby on my the velvet down filled loveseat handed down to me from my Nana.  I actually used to sleep on it when I was four years old.

Also, please notice Bobbers has lost some weight!!  Oh yeah...I have been teaching him to play laser.
It's all good. 

His trust factor has grown each month he has lived here.  End of February 2013 to present day.
Last night he snuggled up next to me (waking me up) and laid his head on my arm.  Can you believe it?  Me either..  Like a child would.  Should have seen me trying to maneuver the smart phone for this half selfie with my left hand at 3:40 in the morning.  He's a hoot my Bob Benjamin!

More Cat Tales as they come along.....