Friday, April 11, 2014

"ROCKY!".............................by Diane Ogden

Well he finally lost enough weight to make it up to the top and he couldn't be prouder of himself!
Lucy could always get away by leaping gracefully to the top of this gargantuan cat tree I bought off Craig's List.  They wanted rid of it so bad they delivered it.  It truly is a monster in the room, but considering I do not entertain upper socialites, we're good. 

  He really wanted to see what the big deal was all about "UP THERE!"  I haven't seen him try it again since.  Must not be as cool as he suspected.  But.....like Rocky Balboa, Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden made it to the top and shook his head proud.  That, I suspect, is the reason for the alien eyes.

They are working on getting along.  Why, it's only been 14 months together....  Bob is a bit rude and feisty to sweet little Lucy Lady.  I holler at him when he readies to pounce on her and he runs and hides because he gets a time out if I catch him being mean.  Pretty funny to see a pudgy cat with short legs try to outrun Mama Mia!! 

More Cat Tails later.............