Monday, April 28, 2014

The New Toy!......................by Diane Ogden

 One of my clients purchased a really cool cat toy that latches on over the door sill with a toy hanging from a long string dealie.  I suspect it was between $20-$30.00 at the local Pet Mart. 

Sooo, I dug out my hot pink party ribbon, tied it to the ceiling fan, tied the other end to a cat toy I had and whalla!  Freebie.  Bob even posed for this one.  I told him to hold still and by golly he did.  Look at those crystal clear HD eyes.   Good little man.

P.S. Bob has lost most of his fatness.  He had a very rough year and it affected him psychologically to the point of overeating.  But we "gotter done" and back on track.  Now all I need to do is lose the ten stress pounds I put on.  Maybe I should lay on the floor and play with the....nope nevermind. 

More "Cat Tales" later................