Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rock a Bye Bubby on the Porch Swing.................by Diane Ogden

I purchased a rattan wicker looking porch swing last year.  It was stored in my second bathroom bathtub all winter.  I know, I know.  It amounted to me being determined to have one of my minor dreams come true.  After three months of hounding the maintenance team, I "got her done."  Bob and I and Gracie Allen and Lucy Lou love to sit outside and rock the night away swangin'. 

I bring the pillows in after each swangin' session.  Bob enjoys it outside  so much he finds his way to the swing cushion (on the sunroom floor) and sleeps on it until the door opens once again for a swangin' session.  You know, the John Anderson song called "Just a Swangin~!"    Well that would be the four of us every night if doesn't rain....  "Just a Swanin!"


Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Let Me In, Wee Oooo, Whoot Wheee Oooo!"..............................by Diane Ogden

As I have said, I let the two cats outside on the porch every day.  I hung a baby mesh railing all about the rod iron.  They don't know they can jump over it.  They lounge in the sun and watch the birds dive at them wondering why. 

One day I was in the bedroom where the window faces the porch.  The window was open and Bob saw me from outside.  I thought he was the smarter of the two cats but notsomuch in this area I guess.  That would be the area of trying to figure out why he cant get into the bedroom to me through the screen from the porch.  He whines like a lost child crawling up on things to get to me, until I circle around thru the living room and sun room to the exit door to the porch where I call his name.  That seems to help him regain his land bearings and run inside to the bedroom where he sits and looks at me as though he figured the whole thing out on his own.   It is quite comical to watch.   Lucy Lou is not confused at all.  She sits quietly watching him make a fool of himself in front of her.  And he thinks he is the boss!  It's only because she lets him.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Ogden Berlin Wall

So Gracie Allen the 6 lb. Chihuahua / Pomeranian has decided the beige carpet in the sun room is GRASS that can be poddied on.  NOT!  After discovering this nonsense, the carpet man came with his Green Cleaning Machine and rubbed the poddie all about and then sucked it all out.  I can only hope.  I then placed poddie pads in the area Gracie Allen was relieving herself in my absence.  To my disgust she poddied next to the poddie pad.  Sooo. 

Plan B went into action.  I took apart an old room divider that had water damage....whalla....the New Ogden Berlin Wall!    Only problem is:   Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden cannot seem to jump the wall.  I even put a small stool on one side but he just sits on it and stares.  I feel so bad for him.  I think he may have had a back injury at one time.  Or he may have a fear of heights.  Humm, 18 inches isn't much to fear.  O well, he wont jump it.  It is stopping the need for the Green Cleaning Carpet Machine man so far.....

Doesn't Bob look like he cannot figure out how Lucy Lou got to the other side of the roadblock?
That is because he cant.  I will let you know when and if it ever happens.  He is a good boy though.
More Cat Tales later......