Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Let Me In, Wee Oooo, Whoot Wheee Oooo!"..............................by Diane Ogden

As I have said, I let the two cats outside on the porch every day.  I hung a baby mesh railing all about the rod iron.  They don't know they can jump over it.  They lounge in the sun and watch the birds dive at them wondering why. 

One day I was in the bedroom where the window faces the porch.  The window was open and Bob saw me from outside.  I thought he was the smarter of the two cats but notsomuch in this area I guess.  That would be the area of trying to figure out why he cant get into the bedroom to me through the screen from the porch.  He whines like a lost child crawling up on things to get to me, until I circle around thru the living room and sun room to the exit door to the porch where I call his name.  That seems to help him regain his land bearings and run inside to the bedroom where he sits and looks at me as though he figured the whole thing out on his own.   It is quite comical to watch.   Lucy Lou is not confused at all.  She sits quietly watching him make a fool of himself in front of her.  And he thinks he is the boss!  It's only because she lets him.