Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bob Got Photobombed!..........................................by Diane Ogden

Bob used to love to lay next to my "hot" lap top.  No pun intended or whatever that was.  I moved my computer activities from the table where Bob had space to lay next to the laptop heater --to my PC.  He has since decided he can make his way between the keyboard and the TOUCH screen PC.  Every time his tail whisks past the screen issues happen.  And obviously you can see I have posted his mug on my screensaver.  He is oblivious to this fact by the way.  Don't give him toooo much credit.  He was looking at himself or the other cat but my Smart Phone didn't catch it in time.  So this is what we get.  Also do notice the TV on the mantel with the man photo bombing Bob's double selfie.  While all this is happening Bob is throwing around my nail file, my pens, a pair of earrings, a lip balm, and a flash drive....  at which point I removed him from my personal area.  Don't feel bad....Bob doesn't care... he just moves on to his next victim.  Usually Lucy!  Again, don't worry, I protect her.  More Cat Tales later.....