Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Princess and The Pauper.............................by Diane Ogden

Lucy is quite the lady of the house.  She is timid, yet makes her voice heard much of the time.  She tends to be afraid of things, anxiety would be the correct term.  Maybe even anxiety ridden.  Wonder if the word ridden is correct.  Reminds me of Lucy riding an anxiety horse.   She does.

   And the other and only young boy in the household is Bob.  Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden who is but a feisty teen.  He was never taught respect for a Princess.  In fact Bob thinks he is King (dominates little Lady Lucy) when in reality he is but a poor lowly pauper I rescued from the "funny farm."  Most things and or people that (survived ) come out of the old homestead, have issues. But seriously I think Bob being a transient saved his behind (mind) from the clutches of the funny farm.  All that said, I have no clue where this youngin' came from.   I do know he is a lover and loyal.  But not to Lucy.  Bob chases her, scares her, gets her down and bites her neck.  No I do not allow it.  I am the only human here who is chasing a small (he finally lost weight) tiger cat around an apartment screaming stop it! And a few other choice non angelic words.  I never leave them alone and together when I am gone.  They would most likely be fine.  I believe the issue stems from Bob's jealousy of my attention to any other critter when I am home.  I still don't take any chances.
Bob is not in kill mode, he is yawning from boredom because Lady Lucy doesn't know how to play.  And that is because Bad boy Bob plays too rough.

Sometimes they hang together.  There are times I will accidentally leave one of them out on the porch.  Usually its Lucy who cries until I realize Bob is left out. 

Guess my little Princess cat took after me and unfortunately takes care of bad boys.  Wont she ever learn like I did!!

They are both special in their own ways.  They both bring a good energy to the home. Well most of the time.  Lucy scratches the wood furniture.   Bob scratches the sofa, but that is not the end of the world. When I am dead and gone who will care about some furniture.  (It's not new or I would be howling!)  Oh and Lucy cries when she poo's because she licks herself too much due to the anxiety therefore has an overabundance of hair to try to digest.  Yes I buy special food to help.  Lucy also hides every morning under my bed and wont come out.   I have to take a huge vacuum into my room and plug it in so she will run out.  Makes for tough mornings sometimes. All in all we're good.