Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dumb Criminals Return to the Scene of the Crime!................by Diane Ogden

Actually these two feline's are pretty smart.  They were chasing one another and as they jumped the stool they hit the planter and it went down.  They heard the crash, stopped the chase, and sauntered back to see what the mishap was all about.  They truly didn't realize they were the cause of this mess.  Bob, he got right up in the guts of things to check just how this happening came about.  Lucy, she was a bit more on the simple "what happened blonde" scheme of things.   They watched me go find a glove considering that particular plant has long sharp thorns all the way up and around.  Once I got everything back up and situated there remained a pile of dirt on the rug they sniffed for a long time.  I believe they realized it did not belong there.

The rug is there with poddie pads on it for Gracie Allen, the 6 lb. Chihuahua Pomeranian  when I go to work each LONG day.  And to those two smart cats the leftover dirt didn't smell like anything that is usually on that rubber backed rug. 

This was quite the messy cat tale.............