Sunday, July 20, 2014

Killin' Grandma's Special Quilt ..........................by Diane Ogden

The old homemade quilt my Grandmother made had been washed and dried.  I was folding it when Bob must have had a case of the big britches and leaped onto it like it was a toy on a string.  As you can see he once again claimed ownership of anything new a room.  He also must have felt the need to show the old quilt who is boss because he beat it up best he could.  That is not a kind look on his face.   I dropped the part I was folding over the top of him which made everything much worse! 

After he believed he had won out.  He took himself a nice long nap atop it on the floor.   Needless to say it did not get folded for some time.  He rules.  We should all be content with such small takeovers. 

More Cat Tales later............