Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Bob......................by Diane Ogden

Bob tried to get into the SuperBowl.  He sat on his favorite spot, the cable box.  It blows out some heat and he likes that.  I need to get him a heated bed. 

I was working on my computer while I watched the SuperBowl when Mr. Bob jumped up on my lap and then scooched his way farther and farther up my lap.  He prefers to get up by my face. He then puts his paws on my cheeks.  It's the darndest thing I have ever experienced with a cat.  In fact it is getting hard to sleep because at night he scooches up up up onto my chest and neck area.  Then he kneads my chest with his paws which have very sharp nails.  I have to put a blanket between me and his paws so he can knead and I wont experience pain as well as being awake too long.  When persons are awake too long they rarely go back to sleep for a few hours. Bob isn't a person, so he goes directly back to sleep.  Not mwah!

We're all good.  More later.......its a bit quiet.  I think its because its WINTER.  I set him up by the windows yesterday to watch the latest blizzard snow storm.  He didn't seem too interested. And for the record I wasn't either.  8"'s.   Maybe that is why.