Sunday, March 15, 2015

As of two weeks ago my pseudo Granddaughter moved in ......WAIT!  I just looked that word up and its all WRONG for this sentence: 
adjective: pseudo
  1. not genuine; sham.
    "we are talking about real journalists and not the pseudo kind"
  1. My Granddaughter is not that!  She is not my blood kin but has been in my life since she was 18 months old.  I was trying to think of a cool word to add to the Granddaughter description and I flubbed it.  Just so you understand and we can laugh about my pseudo ignorance.
    Anyway, her and her son Cayden James are staying with me while they search for a nice apartment in Madison.  Accompanying them is Rhaja, a male cat.  Yup another cat.  I expected mayhem from my two cats and something from my little dog but to my genuine surprise there has been total peace among the animals since the second day when Rhaja snuck out of his bedroom jail.  He didn't like being stuck in that dark old bedroom so he escaped.  He is the most regal of cats.  He and Bob have been playing and sleeping together.  Lucy notsomuch.  But then Lucy is afraid of the world.  Grace the dog is fine with all of it long as we give her attention also.
    There is only one problem.  Rhaja is eating everything
    in sight.  He is eating his expensive food, Bob and Lucy's mixed hairball food, two bowls of it a day, and Gracie and Lucy's one jar of baby food Ham and gravy that helps Lucy poop.  I pick it up and he sneaks when I am not looking and licks her clean.  So Bob and Lucy went into Rhaja's room and ate his expensive food in return! God they'll all be puecking now.

    If anyone calls his name he comes directly.  Bob is so funny chasing after Rhaja like a follower vs the leader he was two weeks ago!  His short little legs and fat belly up against Rhaja handsomeness.   Boy I bet he is glad I saved his fat little butt now that he see's what the deal really is. 

    My concern is what shall happen when they have to separate.  I am very concerned!  Neither will have the playmate they both need being young restless male felines.
    Enjoy the photos! We sure have enjoyed taking them..
    Bob really enjoys having a youngster around.  Cayden James Jensen

     Checking out Rhaja's room! (Used to be an office ha)

     Lounging in the sunroom on the loveseat!

    Bob's new playmate....."Rhaja Blundon"

    I am now certified zooified.