Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Personal Shredder Named Bob.....................................by Diane Ogden

So after the 35 jars of Grandma Tillie's Pfeffernut cookies were given out to each and every client and family member I used the table to wrap a few gifts.  Apparently I was busy elsewhere in the building when Bob had himself a party!  At one point I heard the tissue paper being torn and then a few other strange noises.  I found this in the morning!!  The little Bob elf had a party on the table.  It used to have a nice gold tablecloth, a red checked runner, place mats (on the chair under him and on the floor).  Tissue paper and wrapping articles. 

He doesn't appear to have an ounce of guilt now does he?  That's Bob.  He is quite sure he rules......
Or maybe he doesn't even care.  He just is.  Like God you know...God just is. Not that Bob is like God of course.  Rather that some things just are. 

More Cat Tales later......