Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sneaking Up!..............................by Diane Ogden

Once again I will say Bob likes to play.  But no one else in the house has much interest in said activity.  Therefore he has to amuse himself which he does fairly well.  On occasion he swipes at Gracie and attacks Lucy.  Today I looked up from doing some writing and noticed Grace and Lucy sitting so peacefully in the new yellow rocker and the dining room chair I put next to it for little guests.  Camera Time!!
      Do notice the tail under Lucy's chair.  I think Bob believes he is sneaking up.....

       Do notice the head coming (sneaking) up behind Lucy's head who is still oblivious to the occurrence.

        Lucy has finally taken notice of the intruder.  Grace notsomuch. 
 All eyes on the sneaker.  Who still isn't sure he is safe. Nor is Gracie sure.  Mexican stand off is what I see.
                                      MADE IT!!!  WHEEWW!!