Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon.................................by Diane Ogden


The little feet belong to my Granddaughter.  It was darn hot out on the porch this afternoon but Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden seemed to love it.  He really isn't as fat as he photographed in the top pic, or maybe he is and I just don't see it.  This would be the same porch I accidentally left him outside on until 5 a.m. last week.  I felt so bad.   He and Lucy were just sitting there waiting for me to come get them.  I was very happy it hadn't rained that night. 
Bob seems very docile in these photos but I tell you if there is so much as a creak in the wall in the middle of the night the poor boy jumps like a scared rabbit.  I suspect from his days of being out in the wild.  In my opinion the lousy human being that did that to Bob will get his KARMA.  No diff than putting a child out in a field on his own.  Well maybe a tad diff but still insane in my way of thinking/feeling. 

I watched a video on facebook today where a bear in the zoo pulled a drowning crow out of the mote like it was what he was supposed to do.  Dropped the bird, walked away and started eating his carrots.  After a few moments of collecting his half drowned self, the bird shook himself off and stood back up on both feet.  Some of the folks I have run across in life aren't as caring as that bear.
Instinct told that bear what to do.  I am not so sure humans have that instinct thing.  No we got voice boxes instead.

Think on that one.