Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hairball - Food Mixing Day Again......................by Diane Ogden

Okay, so when it is mixing catfood day I bring out the big red bowl, the measuring cup to prevent the normal cat puecking whenever the food changes in the slightest.  Then all the bags are set up and out, then the old food bowls are emptied into the new mixture and the old bowls are soaked and sit in the sink for a while. 
Bob gets a bit OCD upset when his food bowl is moved or should I say REMOVED.   That being said he was "on it!"  The counter that is.... testing the new batch in the big red bowl. 
Otherwise, Bob has settled into being a normal loving cat except to Lucy Lou the other cat in the house.  He is pretty rough on her!  Bites her neck too.  Gets her down, gets on top of her, holds her down, and then bites her neck while she screams and I run to save her. 
Poor Lucy. After Bob is done torturing her, Gracie Allen the 6 lb. dog humps her at least twice a day.  I sure wish Lucy would grow some female nards and kick their butts.  But it's likely not to happen.
She is lady not a fighter. 
Now that's a cat tale!