Thursday, December 5, 2013

See No Evil, Or Anything.....................by Diane Ogden

I have had several cats in my lifetime.  One that lived 19 years.  Another  I moved here from Texas and was a sweet friend for years....   But this one!!  This one is a little actor.  Little Actor Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden!  Oh yeah.  Not one that can be trained for movies, but one that is a natural!  He seems to do poses everyday for mwah.  Some I cant get photos of because I am in them.
I need a head cam for this cat!  He loves to lay next to the laptop.  Of course its not because he wants to be close to me which is what I thought.....nope, its the heat coming from the vent.  I personally think he needs a kitty heating pad.  His best poses are next to the laptop under heated conditions.  Maybe I would also do special poses of my my life under heated conditions.  Okay, so that was R rated Bob blog.....or mama blog.  Fifty Shades of Mama.  No there is no sucha blog so do not get excited as there is no sucha blog.  Some of my friends may get upset over this and some excited.  I lead a well rounded life as you see.  But Bob B.M.O. is the coolest part of it at present. He makes me laugh.  He gives me a reason.  He loves my camera (I think).  Who is he anyway?  He is the only thing that came from the "funny farm" where I was raised that makes one hoot of sense.  What does that say?
I am just kidding right?
Bob is real.....
And he just wants some peace next to a warm laptop next to his new Mom! Works for me.