Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bubby "THUD".............................by Diane Ogden

I realize this is not a photographers choice picture but take into consideration it is 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  I could have slept in but I was woke, awaken, woken, waked, (ha) awoken....wait!  I could have slept in accept I felt a constricted sensation.  I sat up in the still quite dark room considering the early hour of the day,  and saw the critters in a jealous move on my person.  Each never allows the other to get ahead in the area of "mama time." Grabbing my camera phone that felt whose lighted face felt the sun piercing my pupils in a sudden rush....I managed to turn the flash to "ON."  So this is rear viewing for you but for me it was face front of the rear runts.  After flashing several shots neither of them felt any need to move, probably because they are so used to me taking their pictures, so I just laid back down and tried to go to sleep.   That is when I heard the thud along with nails clutching the blanket clinging to life on the side of the bed.   Thank God it wasn't my leg!  I abruptly sat up at the same time saying,
"B O B!"   Yup, there he was sitting stunned on the floor several feet down.  (I have one of those high beds)  I slid down to the little stool and onto the floor.  Bent over and picked him up, sat him back on the bed.  He wasn't dead.

I have been concerned this would happen on the table where he lays by the laptop...but it went down in the bedroom on an early Saturday morning in the dark.

Poor Bubby.  He is too fat.  But he is okay.  Me on the other hand...I will survive and hopefully he wont fall out of bed tonight or tomorrow morning...  Maybe I need rails.  Or maybe I should merely scoot over to the middle of my Queen sized bed.  I just cant.  I sleep on the left side and that is the only place I can sleep.  I know because I have tried okay?  I just hope I didn't kick Bob off by accident.   Enough on the vet bills already!  

Time to clean for all the family coming for Christmas.  That's a joke, no one is coming.  Just Santa and me.  That is, when I find him, and then I am going to keep him! Ho, Ho, Ho!  

More "Cat Tales" later.