Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Candy Cane....................by Diane Ogden

Today I got all my presents wrapped and placed under the tree while I had a dang fever of near 100 degrees!  Then I finished a couple other weekend chores before I sat down to check facebook to see what other people are doing today.  Or because I am just bored.  We got mega snow overnight so traveling about was not an option.  Nor was it due to the dang fever.

I sat on the sofa to catch a bit or rest and some of  Long Island Medium show.    As I was resting along strolls passive Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden very carefully like a Lion prowling over to the presents.  He surveyed the gifts, all of which have no bows.  Only one package has a candy cane taped onto the outside with one little piece of scotch tape.  He reached for that candy cane and called it his own.  I did not know cats liked peppermint.  Actually it is an organic peppermint candy cane.  Must be a difference.

           He started out on top of the cushion until his large derriere dragged him down.  He is hanging on by his nails.  He doesn't look too uncomfortable does he?  Should have seen it from the other side!  I was vacuuming, that is why the upside down stool next to Bob.  
                                                              More "Cat Tales" later.