Sunday, December 22, 2013

FOOD! Gimmie my FOOD..................by Diane Ogden

I no longer free feed Bob Ogden.  He is fifteen pounds and cant jump very far at all.  He needs steps to get up on about anything.  He gets 1/2 dish a.m. and p.m.  Hope that is enough.
I mix up several different dry cat foods in a dish and then transfer that to large jars.  I was in the process of doing the above when Bob B.M.O. jumps up on bar stool, then to counter top, then high wire walks the sink to get to the huge bowl of food. And in her went FEET FIRST!  He must have thought he had struck oil in human terms of thought anyway.  Maybe he just thought WOW, FOOD.  And he began eating and I let him!  For a while anyway.  Mr. Bob B.M.O.  is quite the character indeed.  I would call him a passive cat with odd tendencies.
He still charges into the kitchen when he hears the ice tray come out.  And I give him a large chip to play with.  And he does just that after staring at it for a bit.

                                                         "FEET FIRST!"

       More "Cat Tales" later..........