Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Cat....................by Diane Ogden

We as humans should all have the secure happy attitude Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden has.  He gives joy and laughter.  He is soft and cuddly.  He is just needy enough. He is mischievous to the place of funny.  He is attentive as in following me everywhere including the bathroom. He sits in the shower on a rug (I leave for him)  and waits for me.  He watches me cook.  He sleeps with me.  He sits/lays next to my laptop and or PC whichever I am using  He is so secure, much more than I am.  What a guy.   I am blessed to have had him come into my life.  Even though I tried to give him away for months!!  Ssshh. I do not want him to know. There was a power greater than I that keep this mess going until I could see the forest for the trees or however that goes.  I always did pic the wrong men and let the right ones go.  This time I did it right.  Even though its "just" a cat.  I believe this one might be a blessed one.  I finally took on a positive rescue!  Either that or its merely my turn in the universal scheme of things.  More "Cat Tales" later....