Monday, December 30, 2013

The Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden Coup...................by Diane Ogden

I think I am going crazy.  Gracie Allen is following my every step and scratching on my legs to be held and so on.  Lucy is meowing 24/7 so I am trying to appease her.  She has been in the background of Bob for so long she is upset.  She has had to play the ars end of the hierarchy ladder in this house for almost a year.  I suspect she is up to her eyeballs in pissed off.  Actually it appears to be more like she is a gentle sweetheart who just wants time back with her mama, mwah.  Gracie too.  What to do?  Bob doesn't give a crap. He is a super passive young male feline who wonders what all the hullabaloo is about.  He is a bit pushy but only a bit.  Nothing like the drama the other two are experiencing and passing along to me.  This is a dang critter nightmare.  I have given them all my all.  I think in my hour of definite despair that they all need to get a life inside this little apartment.  Its not like I haven't gotten them any toys etc.  And or love and attention.  They are all in my bed every night and they surround me like a wagon train in being attack - every day.  I need a vacation from them.

My point is that suddenly before the new year arrives they seem to know it by the way.....Lucy and Gracie have pulled rank on Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden.  They are putting him back from his number one position. Back down in the chair and off the table by the laptop! And my life has been turned into mush from this nutzo mess!  I want to go to work!  I had to stay home today due to my helper getting the flu-ey!  No more thank you.    And my New Years Resolution is that they all deal with it.  I feel like that guy on TLC who has way too many flippin wives and children.  (I cant watch that crap but I see the ads. SICKO)  Now I suppose I will end up on the nightly news for saying having 6 wives and 30 children is SICKO.  Hey, bring it on!)
P.S.  Bob doesn't give a hoot about all this.  He just goes and lays down somewhere else.  The other two are the nut cases in turn obliging mwah of the same.  HELP!