Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Thief...............................by Diane Ogden

Obviously Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden is the thief indeed.  He is a jealous soul. I dislike jealous people and animals.  WHY would the Universe send me more jealous souls into my life when I dislike that nasty spirit so badly.  Jealously is awful.  Jealousy is a bully.  Jealousy is all consuming and it takes over and it fills the room with yuk.  \ (  
Grace has a jealous spirit.  Bob has a jealous spirit.  A couple close family members have it lest I say no names so to be safe.  Grace follows me every minute of my day wanting to be held.  And every minute of my night wanting to be closer to me than Bob.  
Bob does not follow me.  He rather chases Lucy down and steals her chair bed, her spot on the cat tree, and if she jumps on the bed at night where she has slept for years, he chases her away.  I have to get up and give him a small swat along with a loud NO!  So far it is not working.  He tries to steal her food, and when she poo's he crouches down like he is going to get her in her intimately private moment of pooing.  Again I shout Nooo Bob!
This time I caught a pic of the thief in action!  Seeping in Lucy's chair bed!
So.....this is the bad side of my Bob.  And it's a bad side indeed!  Doesn't he look proud of himself though?  Oh Lord help me!   This is the way it used to be....Lucy and Gracie Allen!
                                            The Bed Takeover.....below.  Grace and Bob...no Lucy  :(