Monday, December 9, 2013

Do I Look Fat?..........................by Diane Ogden

"I can still get in this basket!"  I can tell that is what Bob is thinking.  I was watching him for about fifteen minutes as he sized up the situation.  The Basket.  As well as sizing up his own size.  He must know....you know, that he is obese.  And no I am no longer free feeding him.  He gets 1/3 jar of Gerber Ham baby food every morning. Lucy gets the other 2/3.  Then 1/4 bowl of dry hairball corrective food morning and night.  That's  it!

He is workin' it.  Workin' it.  Reminds me of the old days when I had to lay on my bed to get my jeans zipped up.  OMG glad those days are over.  Bob is still youthful and vain so I play along.

I do not know how he managed this.  He is fifteen pounds.  That basket is 8.5" x 15".  I would think he might get cramps.  I suspect cats don't get cramps as I heard no screaming like we humans do when cramps hit.

As I am typing this post he reaches over onto the keyboard  and cups my ring finger inside his paw.  You can see how he has cupped it with his claw holding on.  He is an amazing fat fellow.

More "Cat Tales" Later......