Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We've come a long way, Bob Ogden and I?  And Grace and Lucy and LuLu (who has since gone back to his home with my daughter).  It is now November and I left a lot out of the past several months.  For instance: This below happened in June, 2013

Male Mammory Glands ..........by Diane Ogden



So this Bob Ogden, now.  As I have written in "Cat Tales," came to me very sick last February.  I spent $600 getting him well.  He bit my granddaughter and caused family issues. He is jealous of my dog and my other cat who has sight issues so I must keep them separate which causes issues for me. He tries to bite my dog because I give the dog more attention.    I carry her around so he cannot reach her. Why have I not taken him to the "Humane" Society? Because they told me they cant adopt him out as he bites. So - Yuppers, I got me a sit-che-a-tion! What to do? IDK. I just cant kill him is all. How humane is that? He used to be so loving until he got well and thought I cared more about the dog, which caused jealousy biting. He doesn't bite often, just now and then randomly. Just like a human yet unable to reason this out or speak it out.  (He has since stopped biting unless you touch his humungous tummy)

I sincerely need that Cat whisperer fellow on the TV but I suspect he costs thousands. No I pretty much know it. I tried whispering Bob, Bob Benjamin, but he just looks at me like, "Ah actions speak louder then whispering lady!" I get it. I just do not know how to fix it. He needs a one animal one person home. And more activity considering he is humongous! I can hardly lift him and he has trouble jumping up on the sofa. Actually he is unable to jump onto the table. He has to do the chair first and then the table. He is very careful to jump down and actually it should be called clumps down.

In this photo Bob started out on top of the cushion.  But he is so fat he slowly slid down, down, down to this place where I was able to run for my camera and get a photo of this.  It was truly hilarious watching his fatsy butt drag him down while he was hanging on.

So I prepared him a spot on the love seat by the front window.  Doesn't he look cool on the leopard throw? 

He is a sweet boy!