Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Almost Gave Up!............ by DianeOgden

  • My Facebook Post back in June.   
    I am looking for an AMAZING home for Bob, the character. He is young, playful, loves to be held and rocked. Needs a big cat tree. Lindsay found him at the old farm very sick. Cost me $550 to get him back to life. But I have two cats and a lil dog. Bob has to live in the spare bedroom as he is jealous. Needs a one cat home!! Needs a 15 year commitment. Is not declawed but uses a post (most) of the time. He listens well... loves to eat. Has a fat tummy cause he needs bigger area to exercise. I have become attached to Bob Ogden and so have his Vets at Banfield who all want him but have too many already. He will lay on your keyboard if you don't give him enough attention. He is special. P.S. on occasion out of nowhere he does a mini bite. That is annoying.