Monday, November 11, 2013

The Bob Wave..................by Diane Ogden

I have tried to dress the little beast in pretty things to no avail.  What did I think anyway!  Well I thought I could have a little fun with my lil man.  I don't have a big man so I opted for a furry little one and not by choice as you have read.  Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden is a dickens of a fellow.  He is out for kicks from the time he wakes up to bedtime. He also plays a bit rough but hey, he is a young boy.  We adopted him into a household of women.  Not just a household but an extended household of daughter and Grands.  All women.  Poor Bob.  When he is too rough with the girls I shout out his name, "Bob!" and he knows what's coming and he runs for cover.  Its a "TIME OUT!"   Five minutes in the old quarantine bedroom/office.  Sometimes he actually stops chasing when I give the initial "Bob" shout out.  He is learning for sure.  Quite the character he is.  This is a shot of him waving to me after I couldn't find him.  I called his name out several times before I noticed he was hailing me to see his wave and allow him to continue sleeping on the window sill in the sunshine.