Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nine Months Down..................by Diane Ogden

Sooo, Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden has been with me for an incredible Nine Month period.

 And I will say it has been similar to carrying a child nine months.  I am more than ready for his "coming out" party making him a normal part of this household.  And I believe we are close to that happening.   He is a smart fifteen pound fellow.  He knows my routine, he knows all the sounds I make leading to each routine.  (I should trick him just for fun)  I have to watch out because he races to beat me to where he knows I am headed.  Bathroom is one.  Laundry room another.  Kitchen.....   And he can get in my way so I have to watch carefully so he doesn't trip me. He runs and weaves beside and ahead of me.  He follows and lays next to me whichever room I am in.
And his latest trick is being an escapee!  He slips out the door every time it opens.  He walks out and around to the front door.  Checks out the elevator. Lays on his back until I come scoop all fifteen pounds of his lard butt up and carry it back home.

More "Cat Tales" laters.....