Saturday, November 9, 2013

In The Beginning God Created......Bob Ogden..........by Diane Ogden

God had to have created the latest member of my family because no one else could have.  Or maybe the other guy did.  That is a debate still air born and not up for discussion as I fluctuate on that issue daily.  You see this cat was not chosen or planned or even thought of in my world.  Yet one night it appeared not out of no where but rather out of my daughters vehicle and into my three room abode.  Might I add into a family of two other cats and one dog.  I was dreaming hair balls and tripping on tails.  Worse yet, this cat was sick.  Very sick.  My daughter told me she thought the cat was having babies because there was blood near that "would be" birthing area.  Turns out the vagina was not birthing kittens, rather it was a penis with a bellowing UTI!  (Urinary Tract Infection)  Then there was the swollen abscessed eye
that needed lancing. Paw Pads that appeared cracked like dry dirt ruts in a desert.  He was a mess.
The following morning I took him to the Vet.  On the way I realized he didn't have a name.  Sick, dying, and no name?  Bad!  So I pondered it for a few minutes and then it hit me square side of the head near the brain area!  Bob.  Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden it is.  When the office girl asked me what his name was, I verbalized it so proudly she automatically laughed as everyone does when they hear it.  Not sure why but it does ring out pretty funny to me also.  I have friends in Florida who named their tiger cat Bob Sullivan.  I was merely being a copycat.
Back to the sick and dying Bob.  The Vets, the Vet techs, the office girls, all loved Bob Ogden.  He was gentle, loving, and allowed them to lance his eye with no struggle whatsoever.  He knew he needed help and accepted it wholeheartedly.  He was given antibiotics, eye creme, de wormer...and truth be told I cant recall it all.  Home we came where my office became his new home.  But it beat the heck out of the cold barn he came from.  Someone had dropped him off at the "funny farm."  (Old homestead where I grew up)  People are forever dropping unwanted or sick cats out there.
Bob had to stay in my office room because I didn't know what he might do to my 6lb. dog Gracie Allen dog, or to my cat Lucy Lou, or to my renter cat (daughters) LuLu.  I would sit with Bob in his room as much as I could so he wasn't lonely but I know he was.  He would put his paws around my face.  Thanking me I am sure, not for his lonely room, but for saving his life.
I tried to get one of the Veterinarians to take Bob considering they all loved him so much, but they were up to their limit of household pets.  I said, "Ah, me too Hello!"   I asked my vet at what point do I become the newest "Cat Lady?"  She told me not to worry, that doesn't happen until number 6.  OML!
That said, "Welcome to my world of Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden, because there is never a dull moment.  Bobby is about two they say.  Which means he is pubescent!  Oh I forgot he had to be neutered also which has not slowed him down at all.  He has chosen to come into a household of all girls!  LuLu hates him.  Lucy is scared of him but them she has OCD and Anxiety so she is scared of everything.  Gracie Allen, the 6 lb. Chihuahua Pomeranian ignores Bob.  And me, don't know if I am sold yet.  Bob is a fifteen year commitment and neither a nursing home nor my truckie is a very good home for any of them...  me either!!  So erase erase that comment.   Happy Cattails to all and to all a Happy cat night.
I have more "CatTales" coming!