Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tornado's in November....................by Diane Ogden

Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden does not care about the weather.  He has everything he needs.  I think.   This is Granddaughter Karsyn loving Bob on a rainy day in the Plains.  I mean come on, tornado warnings in mid November.  I guess if I were a betting woman I would chose tornado's over snow.  Tornado's are hit and miss and snow is everywhere and slick!  Actually this photo was taken last June before Bob got playful and scratched or bit  Karsyn causing family issues and an unexpected call from Animal Control, who insisted upon rabies vaccinations and further quarantine than the three months he had already been quarantined.  No wonder he was mad.  Life goes on.  

              Seriously, Another picture?  Can I just have a break please!  In the past nine months you have held me captive in your spare room, then your office, taken me to places where they poked and prodded every part of me, dosed me with chemicals in case I had worms, stuck a needle under my eye, might as well have been in my eye, squirted more chemicals into my ears making my brain swirl, shot me in the neck, and in the hind quarter with more chemicals. I heard them say I had to have rabies vaccination in my buttock because many times it causes nasty tumors and if they had given it to me in my neck they cant cut that off.  But they can cut my leg off.  Idiots.  And I wasn't even given a choice.  You cant get rabies sitting in a bedroom office for three months plus.  Unless it can blow in the window.  Oh well, MamaD has me on good food as well as a half jar of ham baby food every morning.  No cancer for me thanks. 
That said, be well, be safe, be happy, and get rich so you can fight city hall if you need to.  Or take a trip to the big city ledges! 
More "Cat Tales" later.