Saturday, November 23, 2013

Watching Ice.....................by Diane Ogden

Ice is part of Bob's new life.  Because ice is part of my life as I prepare ice tea "to go" every morning before work as well as  I have an ice drink before bed.  He would watch me prepare my iced drinks every day.  When I looked down at Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden he has that "left out look" in his eyes.  So one day I pitched him a small peice of ice.  He looked at it for a minute and then began playing with it.  Every since that day whenever he hears the ice tray come out of the fridge and I bend it to loosen the ice, he is Bobby on the spot.  You know, like "Johnny on the spot."  Wonder where that phrase originated from anyway.  Back to ice.  So twice a day Bob and I have ice time! Sometimes three times if I have a poisonous coke.  He loves his ice time.  Me, notsomuch because I inveriably step in the lil puddle and get my sock wet.  Nobody likes a wet sock before work or after.
Check him out starring at that ice chip before he pounces!
                                                             More Ice Chip starring.

Who has a cat that comes running for its ice treat anyway? Me!  I do!  Over here!  I love that little guy except wait, forgot to tell you, the "lil bastad" randomly bit my wrist while I was typing this. (You all know from past posts, he lays right next to my laptop on the table.) Why does he do that?

 Bite I mean. I actually think he is jealous the attention my laptop receives and he doesn't.  I am serious.  He didnt bite me hard, just enough to say, MY TURN MOM.  But then WE ALL KNOW HE DOESNT HAVE RABIES RIGHT?   No need to call animal control.  "Alswell"....God that reminds me I have to pay $90 for that special license plate and very soon.  (ALSWELL)

Stay well, stay happy, stay safe and get rich for every reason in the world.   Laters....