Saturday, March 22, 2014

Man Boobs .................. by Diane Ogden

 Bob decided he wanted to sit by me.  Since my Granddaughter moved in I don't sit at the table anymore with my laptop for Bob to lay by its heater.  The table is not in the dining room any longer, it is in the sun room.  The office is now in the ding room!  Bob jumped from a dresser three feet from the desk, made slide in landing and starting spreading out. Off went the lamp which I caught.  Next a legal pad and pens, and a speaker hit the floor before it was over.  Notice in the below photo he has his thinking face on.  As for the "man boobs" idk where they came from.  I do not feed him soy milk.  Could be GMO in his food?  Or the kitty milk I fed him daily when he was sooo sick last year.  At present he isn't overfed and I play laser with him where he goes in circles until he has had enough.  Trying to get a couple of those massive udders cut back some.  The blubber is uniform in consistency therefore I am not concerned about tumors...  Nope just a fat boy hangin out with me.  I have to be careful not to say it out loud.  No complexes needed around her.  Take care.  More cat tails later.