Friday, March 7, 2014

I Think I Ate the Whole Thing!................by Diane Ogden

So here's the deal.  I was abandoned.  Thrown out of a car out on Taylor Lane in Stoughton, Wisconsin near an old farm.  I went to the door but no one answered.  So I went to the barn door, at least I think it was a barn 'cause it was big and I saw some little animals with fur and long tails wandering around.  I knew I had something similar on my body like that so I thought maybe I would fit in.  I was sooo scared and lost.  Where did my little friend go that I used to sleep with.  Where were my food bowls?  I was hungry and it was cold. Where was my soft round bed?   Somethings that were happening to me were really not normal.  Nothing was right or normal.  I went over to one of the long tails but she was mean and hissed at me.  I tried the other one but he was weird and more scared than I was.  I didn't see anything to eat anywhere in sight.  I didn't feel very good. Not good at all.  Day after day I didn't feel good at all.  I was hungry all the time and cold.  I had to fight for any food that was put out by the humans that lived there but I was so weak I couldn't fight anymore.  I just waited and hoped it would all stop being so bad. 
One day a pretty girl came to the farm.  She noticed me and talked to me.  She seemed to understand I was in trouble and hungry and sick.  She took me to a warm place where another human with no tail fed me and took me to another place where more humans fixed my sicknesses.  I ate and I ate and I ate for all the days I couldn't eat.  I never saw my old friend I used to sleep with.  I think maybe they couldn't take care of me so they dumped me out of their car far away from my home so I couldn't find my way back.  But I did find a way back.  And I have been taken care of very well.  I feel good every day except I got fat from being scared of having no food so I ate too much.  Darnit.  Now I cant jump or run as fast as I used to.  But I am safe, and I am well, and I am happy.  I hope you are too.