Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goin' to the Chapel..................by Diane Ogden

I collect old wedding dresses.  I do not know why except they make me happy when I look at them.  Actually that is a strange comment considering I have lived through three personal wedding days which did not weather as well as the dresses. 

Back to my point. I laid one of the dresses on the loveseat, of course, and walked away doing whatever I was doing.  When passing the loveseat at a later time I caught a glimpse of "the little man," Bob, all nestled inside the beautiful gown.  He looked so comfortable and stately I grabbed the Samsung and clicked away.  And he let me!   I was going to try to maneuver the dress around him more but I figured I had been lucky enough to get this shot so I left him to his matrimonial dreams. 

I posted this photo on facebook where someone mentioned it should be framed.  Indeed I agreed and ordered a print for framing.  Bob isn't a George Clooney for sure.  He has short little legs, and a big belly, but he is a character and he photographs well.  Bob reminds me of the guy on Taxi....you know.....Danny De Vito!  Yup that's Bobbers alright.