Monday, March 10, 2014

Bob's First Spring on Stratton Way........................by Diane Ogden

I opened the porch door this afternoon considering it was 55 degrees of which it has not been since last at least JUNE!!   When those two cats smelled the Spring Sun they hit the deck running. Well I don't have a deck but I wish I did.  Anyway it sounded better than they hit the porch running.
If you will look close, the indoor outdoor carpeting is FULL of the upstairs persons Christmas tree they left on their weenie (teenie) deck for months.  Half of it fell down onto my lovely carpeted porch.  The white dealie is my Victorian Swing sitting upside down waiting to be hung with love!  Instead it got initiated by Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden who is sat underneath it for over an hour.  Not sure why.  Maybe he felt safe.
 This photo is of Bob trying to get into my bedroom window through the screen.  He could not figure out what I was doing and why he couldn't get to me. 

He was with me last year but he was so sick he didn't go outside until after Springtime.... And then only onto my porch which is enclosed by a baby net.  He and Lucy have not figured out they can jump over it.  And I didn't tell them!